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Exclusive Interview with Sweden’s own Stonesilk


So tell us where you are from and what's it like in your hometown?


I’m from Sweden, Stockholm. My hometown is probably like any other European town…roads are being rebuilt, new houses are popping up, people wander around looking for the meaning of life…and at the moment covid and the vaccine is on everybody’s lips…
People try to make everyday life go together.
The world is going through climate changes and perhaps the globe will come to an end, but no one cares, it’s far away from here, it won’t happen, science will solve everything…or not…

What are the main genres you perform and what are some of your influences?


I’m into some kind of post grunge rock - at least that is what people are telling me. I think that is because of my voice. But I like that American style and bands like Creed, Stained and Nickelback (oops..Canadian) and Seether (oops…South African). The difference is perhaps that I put my focus on the chorus..if the chorus doesn’t work, you might as well toss the song away..and most of my songs goes down that lane… the trash bin lane.. perhaps one of twenty songs are finished.


So tell us little about your latest project...


That is my solo project “Stonesilk” and the album “On My Own” which refers to my father’s passing away last year. I had to process the grief in some way and it ended up in an album. Besides that I’m lead singer in the band Roof Down (just released an album “Devil’s Machine, genre - grunge) and guitarist in the band Token (working on an album, genre - heavy metal). On my solo project I can do whatever I want. I write the songs, play the guitar, bass, keyboard and do the vocals.

For this album I borrowed Nik Hughes on drums (drummer in Busch) and Magnus Arndtzén (drummer in Iron bird). Tried to do the drums myself but it sounded too much like an amateur haha ..





Are you active on Social Media; can you tell us where we can find you?

I am too busy living..but once in a while I write updates on facebook (…and on If the day had 48 hours I would be everywhere..all the time.


Besides music, what are some of the other interests you have in life?

I like to paint (paintings) and acting ( this year there are two movies (to be released soon) in which I have significant rolls/parts). I also like to fix cars and renovate and expand my house. Guess you could call me a handy man . And I’m obsessed with watching Tv series. Right now I’m watching Orphan Black and Handmaids Tale. 

Is there any musician, graphic designer, or industry professional you look forward to working with in the future?


If Someone could hook me up with Lady Gaga that would be something! I adore her! 

any last remarks?





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