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Audio Contra Releases The Drag Race


Audio Contra is back with a hip hop classic in the form of a 5 Track EP entitled The Dragrace! Smooth instrumentals and clever rhyme schemes make this force to be reckoned with! Their soulful signature sound lets the world know that nothing has changed and hip hop is alive!   Rellz Tha Postman had something interesting to say about this project as well! “ We put a lot of work into the EP!  Of course it was short and sweet but truthfully to maintain the level of soul and smoothness has been a journey of finding ourselves and pocket for creativity”  From crafting the best topics to finding the prefect production with the unquie mood to match, this project knocks it straight out the park!  If you grew up listening to groups like Gang Starr, Eric B and Rakim, you will definitely appreciate their sound of choice!