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Exclusive Interview with Eli Anderson


Flyah Magazine

August 5, 2021

  1. Where are you from and do you feel your hometown has an influence on your career path?

I’m from the DMV. I feel the most influence my area has had on me is how to chase after your dream. There are a lot of talented artists in this area but despite the challenge of our geographical positioning we still make a way to keep going after our dreams relentlessly.

  1. Who are some of your musical influences and who would you like to work with in the future?

One of my major musical influences is Prince not just because of him as an artist, but the person he is. He stood out and challenged the status quo on what it means to be a man and a musician. As far as future collaborations, I would like to work with Frank Ocean because he’s a gifted songwriter and an amazing singer. 

  1. So Eli... as a 26 year old Pop artist, what are some of the challenges you feel you have to face in today's industry?

I think the most challenging part of it all is consistency. You have to keep working even when you don’t see the results that you want to see. 

  1. Do you feel that you have to be gifted in order to be successful in music?

Being gifted is part of it but it’s not the end all be all. Hard work is still the number one catalyst to success.

  1. What is your opinion about the state of the music industry; are you enjoying its open public benefits? 

The state of music is an interesting one. So many different artists and records are coming out that are influenced by so many different genres. It's very interesting to hear and see where it’s going in the coming future. In terms of the open public benefits, seeing fans interact with my posts, music, and videos through social media has been extremely encouraging on this journey. It's always amazing to see comments from people in different countries speaking different languages and leaving positive comments on various platforms.

  1. If you had to describe your music; how would you describe it?

Personally, I would describe my music as something that can be connected with. My music conveys an emotion that sparks a passion within those that listen, my music is not restricted by what this world tends to impose on us. My music has a voice of its own that you’ve never heard and is always going to stand out. 

  1. So tell us about your latest project?

My latest project “For All I Love” is about meeting the right person at the wrong time and when the right time comes how you would give them your all but it may be too late.

  1. Who are some of the notable people that helped you on your latest project?

The most notable person that helped me on my latest project is Brandon George Washington, AKA WriterBoy. He has been one of my closest and supportive friends since high school. We’ve been on this journey together since the start of both our careers and I could not be more appreciative for the influence that he has had over my life.

  1. Any last remarks?

Readers can follow me on Instagram @elianderson and on Twitter at @elianderson_ and stream “For All I Love” now on all platforms!


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