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I got Soul Remix - Funktastic Players - Music Review

Funktastic Players is a project of David Williams. It’s the perfect blend of 70s soul with 80s hip hop and contemporary Jazz. William got his start in the 80s working for a record label called Jamm City Records where he wrote and produced for several groups. In the 90s he worked for Eco USA, BNTB Studio and MADD Trax Records. While at MADD Trax Records, Williamsproduced MADD Trax volume 1 and 2 (a collection of club and hip-hop instrumentals). He also created his own sample collection called ‘M.a.d.d Trax Representing Hip-Hop!’ with eight CDs in the collection. By the mid-90s he and two of his childhood friends opened a studio called Platinum Vibe. Production work slowed down but he was still able to produce a spoken word project for a female artist, The Prophetess. You can truly see his expertise shine in his music.
Funktastic Players really lives up to the name with this I Got Soul remix. Their classic R&B Soul sounds with the funky saxophone, my favourite kind, blends well with the subtle hip hop flair present in the record scratch. It’s an easy listen giving the perfect balance of hype with the sax and calm with the use of the bass and spacing in the music. The whole composition keeps you drawn in, like snake charmers to a snake – it makes you want to groove. Not to mention the nostalgia when the smooth tones of the voice come in. Give this one a listen when you’re feeling for a soulful nostalgia.


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