Jazmine Sullivan - Heat for Leaking IG Secrets?

The Philadelphia based singer, Jazmine Sullivan has been recalled to not be scared of Lions Tigers and Bears. However, what she really should be afraid for is catching heat on Social Media for leaking secrets of fans and others using Instagram posts.

Anonymously she has appeared on IG and shared secrets of fans with reactions. Brazen adultery shameless money scams and embarrassing secrets in a sexual nature are of three types of controversial topics/issues Jazmine has enveloped herself in.

Dating back to 2020, Jazmine claimed her mother Pam was diagnosed with breast cancer and has spread awareness ever since but the eyes on Jazmine may had turn to evil ones as people's privacy may have been a severe high risk.

Trustworthiness is called into question and maybe it's too late for any sympathetic or apologetic comments from the singer at this time. Self-reflection by one of her fans had since been echoed.

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