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Hailing from Nigeria Flyah Mag features “Cillion”

  Cillion is a culturally influential DIY music artist from Lagos,Nigeria.He's known for representing the sound of his community and generation.Well accomplished as a recording artist and performer, Cillion has made quite an impact among his fans.His genres of music include hiphop,R&B,Afrobeats,raggae and dancehall.He is currently signed to his DIY record label Cillionaire Records intl. youtubeembedcode es

How to Set Up a Recording Studio

For those who find this article interesting; here are 7 steps into setting up a home recording studio.  Step 1. Find a room with empty space.  Step 2. purchase recording equipment.  Step 3. hire an engineer who can manage the equipment.  Step 4. soundproof the room; having outside noise can interfere with recording Step 5. Always check on equipment to make sure things are functional Step 6. keep the equipment clean; a healthy workstation is just as vital than it being operational & Step 7. Always have someone who carries a key to the room; the workstation must always be a safe place And that's a How to Guide in building a home recording studio.  For more information contact the link below: https:/// and for more news, stay tuned to Flyah Magazine