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An Album From Solo Rap Artist Summi


An Album From Solo Rap Artist Summi

Summi's M.E.S.I. album is a mix between a new rap style and a pop style and it sounds like a current and very smart songwriting approach all together. 

The record is a huge one and is filled with all kinds of great songs including a single called "One Shot" which takes the cake in terms of a song that should really be on the radio by now. 

Summii lays it all out with his music and has a great style of rapping that bleeds into a young pop single that really gives a good example of what to expect from the rest of the album itself. 

Summi has a personal feel and there is something for almost everyone on the album. 

Other notable songs include Blabbermouth (the record's introduction song), You Don't Wanna, and Losin' Myself - among others. 

Solid album all the way through. 


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