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Vona B. Exclusive Interview and Run it up video


Vonaq, wcould you tell us about your upbringing in Fairfield’sw?

growing up in fairfield was cool. it’s about 45mins from san francisco and 45mins from sacramento so, we’re in the dead center. one of those small towns where if you’re not from the bay you probably have never heard of it. it’s flat and there’s  nothing to do but, get in trouble or be bored. it’s like one those towns in the movies where everybody pretty much knows everybody and you wouldn’t stay there forever because you have bigger dreams or goals. i grew up in a semi strict/religious household so, i didn’t really do what the other kids/teenagers did. always being on a different type of time led me to fall in love with creative arts because i’d find myself singing or dancing around my house constantly. my mom nicknamed me her personal radio because whenever we were in the car i’d never let a song play without full out singing the whole thing. in a nutshell there was nothing to unique about growing up in fairfield lol.

We understand that you're a blend of the old school of Hip Hop/R&B, where did the inspiration come from?

most recently i’ve fallen in love and been super inspired by that heavy westcoast, player era. growing up in a religious household i was allowed to explore music within certain parameters. clean versions only and if my parents approved. my pops almost didn’t let me and my sisters listen to soldier by destiny’s child because kelly said chiefin’ lol. so, i didn’t truly start exploring my love of music until i got older. snoop dogg, 2pac, dr. dre, aaliyah and most recently larry june inspired this chapter of my artistry. they all at different points in their career used their music to bring perspective, feel good vibes, knowledge, positivity and just overall fun. songs like keep their heads ringing by dr. dre is him talking his stuff while flowing over this crazy beat he produced. 2pac with one of his most popular records california love was all about the culture of california, the bay and having a good time. pac also had more conscious records like brenda’s got a baby and dear mama. snoop dogg with gin and juice to aaliyah with back and forth. the list goes on but, those are a few that captivated me for sure. i’m not a rapper by any means lol. so, i thought what if i sing over these types of beats instead of rap? and that’s how this sound was born.

Can you tell us about your latest project?

i don’t have a project just yet. my most recent single run it up dropped on my birthday in september and we released the visual on halloween. run it up is a mellow vibe with that westcoast feel that describes the grind of being a creative. it can be difficult to stay focused in this business especially when you have so many different opinions of what you’re doing and different avenues you can take to reach your goals. i mostly speak about not tripping off the small stuff and it being okay that people may not always see or agree with the vision but, that’s cool. it’s all love i just still have  do what needs to be done to see the vision through. i gotta run it up.

If music was not your only venue of expression, what else would you see yourself doing?

i view myself as a creative person all the way around. music isn’t the only venue of expression for me. i grew up a competitive dancer and still love to dance to this day. i try to incorporate all of my creativity into my music so, it doesn’t feel like i’m just using one of my gifts. i would say music is the spearhead vehicle i use to bring forth all of my creativity so, i’m expressing in different ways all the time.

Are there any artists in the future you find interesting to collab with?

i would love to collaborate with blxst in the future. he has a unique sound that is super smooth. larry june is someone i’d love to work with because his music is the epitome of the grind and he inspires me business wise. I’d also love to work with t. carriér because his independent journey has been inspiring to watch.

Are there any new projects you have in the works?

i have a project coming soon. there is no release date as of yet, i’m still fine tuning things. this project will definitely have more of my new sound so, i’m very excited to release it and see what my supporters think.

Any last remarks?

make sure you go check out my newest single and visual run it up out now on all platforms. don’t forget to connect with me on all ya favorite socials @officialvonab (ig, twitter, tik tok). thank you so much for having me flyah magazine it was a pleasure.


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