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Dr. Blackman Exclusive Interview


So Dr. Blackman, where are you from, and what’s it like in your hometown?  

I'm from the Outback of Australia, from the Pillaga Scrub, where Emu mobs of Red Kangaroo and wild boar. There are approximately 43 people in a pinhead sized town, surrounded by scrub, with one clay tennis court in the center of town and the one pub, The Fairdinkum, where I grew up. As an infant, Mum bathed me in home brewed grog, with an alcoholic content of 18 %. I started playing the didgeridoo at age 3, given to me by an old aboriginal. At age 9 a bloke named Tommy introduced me to a 6 string acoustic guitar. Spent my early years in the bush. 

Describe your music briefly, what’s  the highlights of Dr Blackman? 

The most organic, original authentic sound, with mesmerizing lyrics, Rimbaud my greatest influence.

Where do you find inspiration to display such talent?

Listening to and watching the aboriginal corroberees, the primal sound  stirred my soul like nothing on earth.

So tell us about your latest project? 

"Deeper" is an amazing song, illuminating the sensuality and passions and romances of a cosmic love dance. The groove is palpably erotic and the music hypnotic; "a clock with no hands, an hour glass with no sand, he ran faster than the wind..."

Who are some of the notable people that helped you along the way? 

Mandeep, a beautiful tobler player, who played for me her exquisite rhythms.  

If you could do anything besides music what will it be?  

I am a healer, so become the pied piper of love, peace and healing

What can we expect from Dr. Blackman in the near future?  

the unexpected, always the unexpected, that's where I reside and my soulmate let's me listen in to Her untainted sound, which a humbly draw from

Any last remarks?

It's the "Pandumbic", the more you buy into it the dumber you get. Drop it. Tune in. Turn on.

Love, peace and healing.


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