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Gigi Vega increased the heat with her song ‘Down Crazy’

Gigi Vega’s hit song ‘Down Crazy’ is accompanied by a superbly arranged music video that will make the listeners break into dancing along with it.

Not just a singer-songwriter but also a professional dancer, Gigi Vega has been passionate about music from an early age. Her music video ‘Down Crazy’ has showcased her promising aura, which certainly achieved heights in the music industry. She is completelyg tdedicated to her goal to rise to the top, ensuring her exponentially prominent future. She is fresh, and her songs are a treat to the ears. The dance steps are intriguing enough to follow along. She already holds the third position on iTunes chart-topping, alongside the 19th position on the famous Billboard. 

And to date, her ‘Down Crazy’ music video exceeds 5M views and still rising. She also has worked with big names like 1500 or Nothin’, Tommy Brown, Blaq N Mild, and more.

Gigi Vega is originally from Boston, Massachusetts. She grew up around Berklee, and her father is a Jazz musician. These musical influences have made her lean towards this art form. She was just a twelve years old kid when she started writing songs. She made her debut with a holiday song, ‘Mistletoe Kiss’ in 2020, which became viral on TikTok with over 15K videos and 10 million views. She is also an actress in the film ‘The Makeover,’ where she shared the screen with Julia Stiles and David Walton. The power- packed performer has a lot to offer, and we can’t wait to see what she can bring to the table next.

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