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Hip Culture Exclusive Interview!


Could you tell us what it is like growing up in Canada?

I came over as a little boy from Sicily as my parents imigrated to Canada. Growing up here was great, but at first a little difficult having to learn English. But I did that rather quickly. Growing up in Oshawa Ontario I was lucky that I had easy access to parks to play in especially in the summer where we would play all kinds of sports. We would also go on huge Family picnics  with most of our relatives a few times each summer to beautiful destinations near us. I made lots of friends through the years and had some really fantastic and funny memories.  Being in Canada it was always safe to pretty much go anywhere without worry. My friends and I were involved in other activities besides sports such as a rifle club, pool club and always had a man made skating rink in the park to skate on in the winter time.

Do you have any influences when it comes to your music?
My influences were mostly great songwriters. The Beatles, Cat Stevens, Carol king, Bob Dylan  Gordon Lightfoot and Jim Croce to name a few. My favorite band is THE GYPSY KINGS.

Can you tell us about your latest project?
I have just finshed recording enough songs for my first CD release in a long time. Because these days I am basically a songwriter I am showcasing not only my latest songs but also performed in different genres from country pop to Synth Dance Pop. I think the future with performing artists is variety to write and perform in different genres not only in recording but to perform the songs live in concert. For that you need exceptional musicians and singers and I have that. I absolutely can't wait to do my first live show! I find that when I listen to artists who never vary it is like I am listening to one song over and over again. But that is just me.

If music was not your only thing, what else would you see yourself doing?
I am a very creative person so I have a manufacturing company that develops all natural products and sells to retailers in seven or eight countries . Beleive it or not this is like creating a new song. So to answer your question I am already doing it. But being a songwriter is who I really am and that will never change!

Why is it important for the world to know about Hip Culture?
The answer to this is very simple. Myself and any true artist creates their art, or as in my case music, to entertain people and make them feel the emotion I am writing about. Most of the time I try to give my audience a real boost to their day and leave feeling good about what they just heard. All I really want is an audience who appreciates my music. That is my reward. Yes the money and fame if you are fortunate enough to get it is great but in the end it is nowhere near as fulfilling and I speak from personal experience!

Are there any other projects you have in the works
Yes I am working on a second CD and organizing a live show when it is appropriate to do so with Covid going on. I also have a remake of a song  I recorded a long time ago called "SHORTWAVE LOVE AFFAIR" which is radical and exciting with a little bit of a twist. I like to add new concepts in songs to make them very original and of course they have to be POP so that they are not totally out there wierd. This will be in the synth pop vain with  rap in the  bridge. I will be releasing this soon, STAY TUNED!!

Any last remarks?
Thank you for this!Emoji


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