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J.R. Smooth aka Joel and Terrie (T.J.) Exclusive Interview

Interview Question

Could you tell us what it's like being from Memphis TN?   

Being from Memphis is our roots and heritage especially seeing family members and being around them as well. We were apart of a great ministry, The Westhaven Community Church of God in Christ under the leadership of Bishop Fred Wesson and Dr. Vivian Wesson. Where our parents served in leadership.

Do you all have any influences when it comes to your music?

Yes, we have a variety of influences from renown Gospel artists such as the following: Our Mom Lotonia Adams Askew who is a artist as well, CeCe Winans, Vanessa B. Armstrong, Smokie Norful, Marvin Sapp, Fred Hammond, Kirk Franklin, J. Moss, and Hezekiah Walker to name a few.

Can you tell us about your latest project?

Our latest project really began around early 2017 when our siblings (Joshua and Christina) came together with the idea of creating new generation gospel group called “Hope”. We honestly,just started singing with a piano and experimenting. It was our mom who spear headed the project from the bridge to moving it into the studio. Suddenly, a new song struck, and we beganforming the groundwork. 


If music was not your only thing, what else would you see yourselves doing?

Music was never our only route. We are well educated young men. I am pursuing my B.S. degreein music production and performance. My brother TJ has recently received his B.S degree from Tennessee Tech University in Engineering Technology with a Minor in Business Management. 


Can you give us a description of your song, "In America"?

In America is an uplifting Gospel Hip-hop song featuring Bertrand Mckinney (lead vocal), Ariel and Dominique Franklin (background singers) and some of the greatest musicians of Memphis, Tn- Patrick Smith (live drums), Jackie Clark (live bass, drum programming and keyboard), and Steve Bethany (lead guitar)

This song is embedded with scriptures from the Word of God. The Lord impressed upon our hurts to create a message to the world that would cause America to seek after the true and living God. In addition, this song 


There hasn't been a combination of Pop Hip Hop Jazz and Gospel used at once, how do you all find a balance between the genres?

That is a tough question to really breakdown. From our perspective it is just second nature and God given talent.

Are there any other projects you have in the works? Yes, we are simply working an instrumental album and assisting our mom with another album. It’s in the works. There are no specific dates at this moment.



Any last remarks?

We just want to express our thanks and gratitude to the Flyah Magazine and its crew for giving us the opportunity and support. We hope our song reaches the young and old alike. Lastly, we all thank God for bringing us this far!



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