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The April Fools | Wonderland | Music Review


The April Fools have released their fourth album entitled "Wonderland". The ten-track project shows the band’s growth within their musical style. Wonderland was composed by Brian Drake on vocals & guitar; Brad McLemore: vocals guitar along with harmonica; Terri Owens: vocals guitar & mandolin; Ben Kaplan: drums percussion and vocals; Nick Salisbury on bass. With these skills  at the forefront, The April Fools take listeners through a journey of love, heartbreak, loss and even voodoo with their unique blend of Classic Rock and Americana.

The overall album blends genres very well, while having different voices as the main narrator for each song.   Each song differs in tempo with unique styles, while presenting vivid stories to keep you entertained.   The project is well balanced and arranged in a manner that makes the project a thrilling ride.

“She Got Me (When She Got Her Dress On)” is the shortest song on the album.  The track starts with indie rock instruments to set the tone for the simple lyrics and a straightforward narrative.  All the elements together convey the excitement at seeing his lover in her beautiful dress. 

“Isolation Blues” may catch you off guard with the title, but lyrics tell an even sadder story. This is another short song that packs a punch; being easy to listen to and clearly depicts the loss of a loved one. While the story is sad, there are moments of regret that are normal in these situations, along with longing for time with that person again.

The album as a whole, is an inspiring classic that should be recommended to fans of bands that enjoy the old school style. You’re guaranteed to find something you like after just one listen.

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