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A Exclusive Update with Hip Hop Artist Rice


So Rice, I understand you have been making power moves since we last spoke, Could you give us some details on your latest ventures and projects?           

There’s so many thing I’m working on at the moment that I can’t help but think that none of it’s possible without my team. My project “Love Shouldn’t Cost A Thing” is coming out to be one of my pride and joys because I know that it has massive potential. my label and I have also been working on our website https://www.hustleworkgrind.comand Roku Channel (Hustle Work Grind Tv). Of course I’m excited about everything we’re working on and can’t wait for it to debut 

 Your track No Brady has seen awesome results, could you tell us about the creative process of this track? 


It was a Vibe! The creative process for this track was about the connections and the atmosphere coming together to create something that was out of this world. The Studio was comfortable so we were able to have fun with this track. Atlanta with J Muzique and Sauce (producer/Engineer) just made the timing perfect like all the stars aligned. 

 No Brady has a feature with J Muzique, do you guys plan on working on more tracks together?

Of course, we have great chemistry and a even better friendship. 

 No Brady is a clever metaphor, was there a big reaction from the club scene?  Did it become a hashtag?

Whenever the song is played it’s a big reaction. It was and still is a hashtag 

 Who made the production on No Brady?

Sauce is the engineer who recorded mixed and mastered the song No Brady

On a scale of 1-10 where do you put No Brady compared to your recent songs? 

It’s a 10 and there’s no doubt about it!

 Do you plan on going on tour anytime soon? 

I have a lot more to do before I can think about a tour, but before this year ends a tour date may be established for “Love Shouldn’t Cost A Thing”



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