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Exclusive Interview with Byron Bank


Could you tell us what it's like growing up in Houston?

Growing up in Houston is like being somewhere all your life. The city continues to evolve; the music, food, and culture feel natural. Of course, Houston is home, and there’s no place like home. It also depends on where you grew up, which shapes you as a person. I grew up in the area of South Park and Hobby Airport area. There are many memories here, from my younger years to my adult days. I remember getting in numerous trouble, walking to the corner stores, playing basketball with the homies, etc. Now, all we do is drive everywhere. I remember the Rockets winning the NBA championships, the original Astroworld, and Waterworld. I used to listen to Fat Pat, Lil Keke, Lil Flip, DJ Screw, Screwed Up Click, Swishahouse, and UGK, just to name a few. Life in Houston was fast and big, full of southern hospitality, and the culture continues to thrive in the city. 

Can you tell us about your latest project?

My latest project is a single song titled “FAK’N.” I wrote the lyrics; I produced the beat, the song was recorded and engineered by me. The single is about life and how people close to you turn their back on you. You would never think the people you rock with will talk so wrong about you behind your back until you witness it first-hand. People have fallouts, but I was surprised to see and hear conversations people have when you’re not present in the room. So the song details those life experiences that highlight not many people are rocking with you in your corner. So next time you hear someone talking wrong about someone else, ask yourself or them, is this how I am spoken of when I am not in the room? You might learn some things.  

Besides music, What other things are you into?

I am into collecting different Jordan 1s and comics styles, playing PlayStation, photography, and videography.

What was it like to open up for Paul Wall, Mike Jones & Bone Thugs N Harmony among others

Opening up for Mike Jones, Paul Wall, and Bone Thugs N Harmony was amazing. Not only am I performing in front of a packed crowd, but the energy level in those builds also helped drive remarkable performances. Being on those stages, closer to the end of the night, gave me a feeling of where my success could take me. I look at these as my starting points to one day soon be having my own global tours at major venues around the world. I have this thing that I will not drink until I get off stage, but when I stepped on those stages, you could tell I was having a good time. The audience at these shows were Hip-Hop fans who I feel could relate to the content that I was bringing. I try to always find at least one person in the audience that is vibing with the music but to see several all at once. It is a high that I constantly love to revisit. Shoutout to Springboard South, Scout Bar, Worm, K.O., D.J. Massive, Warehouse Live, and Team Bank for helping create these opportunities. 

Can you tell us your emotion towards winning the Akademia Music Award for Best Hip Hop/Rap album?

My emotions towards winning the Best Hip-Hop Album award were stoked, and I could not believe it. Then later, winning the Artist Vision Award made me feel even more proud but determined to keep going. To be recognized for my creative work continues to drive my passion for keeping going. However, I keep a close reminder to stay humble at the same time and keep counting my blessings.

What is the grand goal once venturing into entrepreneurship and filming?

The grand goal is to be self-efficient and reach back to help others in their journey. I continue to learn and make mistakes that could help others by sharing my story throughout my career. I get all my inspirations from life experiences and understand that music has the power to heal and influence. I want to leave a positive mark on my work and the culture that my organization will bring. With that said, I started my label, “Breakin’ Bank Records and looking to grow more into my entrepreneurial journey as the company evolves.

Any last remarks?

Of course, I want to thank Flyah Magazine for this dope interview and the opportunity to share stories and success. I would like to thank my family and friends for their continued support. The journey brings a lot of sacrifices, and without God and the people that mean the most, close to me, the trip would be unbearable. Also, I would like to thank all my fans and future fans for supporting my music and spreading the word. 

If you enjoy “FAK’N,” please take a moment to check out my other albums and self-produced album, “Change II: A Dreamer’s Reality.” Lastly, if you have a dream or passion, follow it, pause if you must but do not stop. Trust the process, value your growth, and celebrate your wins no matter the size.


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