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Exclusive Interview with talented group Moon And Aries

Can you tell us your upbringing?


-       Hello, Jordana Moon here. Thanks for having Tom and I in your magazine! Tom and my upbringing was similar in the way we were both surrounded by music. It was a huge part of our daily lives. We both started in piano at an early age. I wasn't very good, not a natural like Tom. I went off to learn the violin and guitar, and then of course, voice lessons. Both Tom and I were in bands - and I was also doing theatre, in our late teens, early 20s.  



How did Moon and Aries come about ? 


-       Tom and I met on Instagram during the beginning phases of the pandemic. Both of us were composing and putting out original music, looking to expand our community. We were both instant fans of each other. I was always looking to collaborate with other producers, and Tom was only releasing instrumentals. I secretly hoped he would want to work with me, and after six months of friendship, the right time came. So summer of 2020, we began to work on The Never Ending Escape, the final song on the album. I was so blown away by his meaningful and theatrical instrumental, I couldn't wait to write the lyrics and sing. Because that song went so well, we knew we had to keep going and see what we could unravel and create together. So we became Moon and Aries. And it was the best musical decision for both of us. 


How did the pandemic affect us ?


-       Well, it forced us to stay inside and create. And connect with people online and build a very positive, supportive community. The music industry changed during the pandemic, maybe allowing the playing field to feel more leveled out. And just the whole energy of the World. We need creative people to help design a better future. So I guess we felt the call. But what we are hoping to see, is now live music coming back in full force. More festivals and opportunities for indie artists would be amazing. 


Tell us about The Arrival


-       Gladly :) The whole album is a concept album, a musical, based on the last two years of our lives during this time of heightened fear, faith and ultimately seeing through the illusion. The dark days, then seeing the light and then finally arriving at a new destination, even if it's mainly within. All 9 songs explore a deeper connection with yourself and the outside World, looking at new perspectives, angles and out-side-the-box ways of thinking. Very much rooted in metaphysics and quantum physics and the esoteric. 


Do I feel 80s retro synth music has a place on today's industry. 


-       It's very whimsical, positively charged music. So it should always be relevant. If we can make 10 new Star Wars movies and keep the old, new again, then nostalgic soundscapes and concepts should stick around too. Why? Because it's good. And good music shouldn't go away just because new genres have come about. Especially since we can't help but be influenced by a time where music was really thriving… 70s, 80s and 90s. Classic, legendary music. But I think most good artists are bringing back nostalgic styles because it just resonates deeper than the typical pop machine.


Besides music, what else do we do ?


-       Well, we both work day jobs. And we both have kids. Tom is a runner, I run after my son :) We both love to read and research. Watch movies. Be in Nature. 



Any future plans, future projects


-       Yes ! Many. We have a lot of music in the works and will be releasing an EP very soon. Once the World opens up more, we hope for many live performances. That's something we are really working towards. Sharing our music to a live audience will be the best feeling.


Closing remarks. 


-       Thanks for taking the time to get to know us a little better and helping us to reach more people who could be interested in our music.  We call ourselves the "Synth Pop Opera Duo" because we've combined all of our favorite genres like synthpop, electropop, trip hop, musical theatre, soul and jazz into one. The way I like to write is as if I'm writing a mini Movie. That's where the Opera comes in, alongside Tom's larger than life orchestrations. We enfuse our music with high vibrations so facilitate healing and positive activations in the listener. 

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