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Prince Lit Exclusive Interview “A very interesting life”

  So Prince Lit, can you tell us a little bit of your upbriging? Where are from and how you made it to this point?

 So I am from Denver, Colorado. I would say I have had the experience and benefits of growing up unstable. I've been able to learn that true growth only comes from being uncomfortable. My family and I moved from place to place sometimes state to state looking for a new start growing up, we never really were a family that had it all together. although we were Christian and went to church only when we could, the hardship still excisted my mom was rapped and kept me; although her first experience with that happened when my big brother came into the picture. 

I was born into calamity and Grace my mother was always playing catch up so we could never really be there (in a place of comfort.)

My still currently single mom tried to be in multiple relationship raising us and of course when the next one came along while we were growing up my 3 siblings and I thought everything would get better but there was always something flawed and we always searched it out and addressed it. Of course being in another relationship is beneficial financially and was to my mother to why I think my mom was grinding to be with help and 4 children.

it's deeply touching knowing you sold your mom's poetry for food; can you tell us a little bit about your mom and that experience?

Eventually after years of grind it was my little brother and I in the house. And praise Jesus for my mom she taught us how to get what we need and the Word taken into account that we didn't have a structured life; we got off of school and went and made money. My brother at the time being a math genius would walk into local business and challenge people to give him any math problem for money while I played security for a 10 year old. I also sold copies and performed my mom's poetry for money. When we made lots of money we would pocket some then give some to my mom.

I was a very free young man with money in my pocket, I spent most of my time going on dates watching Hollywood flix at the Denver pavilions in Downtown, Denver. I was hanging out with friends downtown paying for everyone's food i had no time for homework I was living what every teen could think was a dream.

We found ourselves as a family my mom my little brother and I living in a 3 star motel because that was all we could afford we had hit rough times depression struck our family hard and the only joy my brother and I had was the rec center where we could swim for free cause we stayed at the hotel. Both my brother and I were watching our mom and believed that she might hurt herself from things we've seen. One night we came back from swimming and she was gone so we called our sister who told us to call the cops. The authorities got involved and took my mom to the hospital and we stayed with our sister for a night from there we found ourselves at a place called the Family crisis center. I told them I wanted to commit suicide saying such things means you don't wanna be there! they made me stay in a time of need medication was a choice for force therapy. I was on 300 mg of seraquil twice a day I was 14 years old when life got cloudy.

I moved from home to home in the Foster care system so there was no fix of being stable the family crisis Center being a residential treatment facility was homebase and I always made sure I was level 5 on their level program on good behavior because we got the most privledges. I was a free teen prisoner with extra sheets for his 5 inch bed and concrete walls, and one who needed help staying alive. All my physical needs were taken care of I was high and needed to be high to stay numb to the real issues no one wanted to address. which was the fact that our family hit rough times and needed resources not ultimatums; When families ask for help the help needs to be

We understand you do Gospel music, what made you choose that genre?

BIn all of these trials Jesus sent a non profit organization into my life called Art From Ashes who is a non profit organization that empowers struggling youth by providing creatives programs that facilitate health and hope through expression connection and transformation through spoken Word Poetry.

The workshop facilitators would provide these creative three minute writing prompts that you write three minutes straight to with no stop at all and if you stop the facilitators we're there to encourage you. and that for some reason accessed a Spirit I always had. My mom told me I would just sit at the dinner table tryna come up with rhymes. After we wrote these three minute poems we would get up and perform it in front of the other youth who are in the same environment which provides connection. and being able to connect with a people is healing. 

From there they believed my Poetry was special for some reason and they started inviting me to perform on other stages and at there private events which in turn connected me with other organizations and people who wanted the same thing I began to perform all across Colorado and eventually internationally to Prague Europe and Nicaragua by the grace of the Lord, Jesus.

Within this process counting on my fingers there was a group of people who believed I should turn my Poetry into Music. So I enquired more to make sure people were not playing with me. At this point it was confirmed and I began to record my first track at decible Garden studios in Denver, Colorado admitted in my old life I scwandered my gift on basic principles such as drugs, money, and woman and lived so to my destruction. Things I wish people growing up in the system would of told me such things would happen to my soul if I choose to live in such a way as the prodigal son.

Being a Christian, i understand we all sin; could you give the crowd some motivation on how to stay in God's grace?

I was a rapper but not a Christian one i thought i had finally made it to the place in my life as I saw successful enough to continue to numb the pain with no direction. I had made it to New York City's America's number one Hip Hop and R&B showcase, I was alone in my hotel depressed with no support...
I was watching television and flipped past a sermon about the Sabbath day... Then flipped right back. From there I was glued to the television and I picked up my Bible to read and live the word and haven't put it down  or stopped walking sense.

I eventually joined Art From Ashes board of directors and became a writing workshop facilitator myself empowering struggling youth with not only my testimony through Spoken Word poetry in writing workshops but also facilitating my own creative prompts.

By the Grace of Jesus he has done more with the music for his Glory and is doing above what I can ask or think.
Yes the life I lived not edifying God is a life I had to sacrifice; so i had to go to war and make cuts in my spirit and physical life with my friends to actually want to live and gain new life in Christ in some ways I always like to believe my healing has just begun.

Jesus has been the only salvation for suicide specifically and all other things

With faith in the Lord Jesus and his Word mixed with faith in my Heart I pray people hear the Gospel I pray people hear the Lord and turn from their ways into his Body.

Today Im able to Tour with the Extreme Tour who's homebase is in Nashville Tennessee I know that it hasn't entered into my heart what the Lord hath prepared for those who love him but I trust he will continue to elevate mine and those lives until he comes because he who glories can only Glory in the Lord.

If there was a more simple way to say but all we like sheep have gone astray.
This is something I apply to my life everyday I've never had a Father and I've always searched for direction, a whole system was suppose to fill in the cracks but no man other than Jesus is salvation. I found this out when the system fell through my cracks.

Could you tell us about your latest project?

My Latest Project is Prince Lit - Salt World which was made after Prince Lit- Known.

Known is a message God put on my Spirit which is his Holy Spirit. There is one judge of the living and one judge of the dead we cannot judge man after the flesh but need to be ready to recieve God's message in any vessel he sees fit to use. We live in a day where everyday is uncertain but one day is certain and we cannot desire that day but wait for the coming of the Lord living in his grace and love he tarry's because he is merciful the people who hold the Gospel in there hearts have more work to do.

Do you plan on touring any time soon?
 plan on Touring again this summer with the Extreme Tour.


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