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Exclusive Interview with Eileen Carey


What is the new single, "Dreaming With Me" about? 

The song is about how the magic of inspiration starts with one person. "Dreaming with Me," brings out a sense of inspiration, inciting the feeling that a positive impact can happen with just one person. It demonstrates the magic that an individual can make on the world. The lyrics state, “You look at me, I’m suddenly a rock star, just like you are,” and that is exactly what we hope the listener will realize- that they have the influence to make those around them feel special by being authentically who they are.  After all, the song says it best, “You bring out the magic in me."

Are you currently on tour? 

I have shared the stage with the Little River Band, The Motels, Ambrosia, Raul Malo of the Mavericks this year, and this coming Saturday  May 21st I am performing at a NAMIWalksevent for the Alliance on Mental Illness, in Down Town Los Angeles, from 11AM to 12 Noon 
On Friday, June 10th I am at the Canyon Santa Clarita, 7PM,Doors open at 6PM
ThursdayJune 30th, the San Diego County Fair in Del Mar, on the Coors Light Stage, 3:30-4:30 PM.
SaturdayJuly 16at the Orange County Fair, at the Hanger Stage12:15 – 1 PM
Saturday, August 13th I am at the Canyon Montclair, California on August 13,   7PM, Doors open at 6PM
In September I will be heading back into the studio in Nashville.  

Are you going for any new awards anytime soon?

 Not at the moment. I have been blessed over the years, and have won 20 awards and have received 80 nominations. I am fortunate that radio seems to like my music. I am currently the Independent Music Networks “Crossover Artist" and the Las Vegas Producer's Choice Honors Award Singer-Songwriter of the Year 2022. Earlier in the year I also received 4 nominations by the New Music Awards; in what I saw as my most rewarding year of my career; where I had two singles “Keep Your Love To Yourself” and “Leave It All Behind.” reach the top of the New Music Weekly’s Country and AC/Hot AC charts. Some of my past awards include the New Music Awards’ AC/Hot AC Breakthrough Artist of the Year & Country Breakthrough Artist, a New Music Awards; Female Country Artist and a Los Angeles Music Awards Crossover Artist of the Year.

What type of things do you do on your down time?  Any hobbies or side 


Ahhh Pandora’s Box: lol. My blog takes up my time. I learned have a lot in my years raising two girls and singing for a living. I hope it helps others but I know it helps me. Truthfully, it puts my music career in perspective. Keeps me grounded. Wise and Weighty Words: 15 Life Lessons You Need to Hear Now   

Another spare time project turned busy is my husband and wehavea non-profit called Stray Paws Animal Haven which services the feral cat community in the city. TNR Education and Training | Stray Paws Animal Haven | South El Monte  TNR Education and Training | Stray Paws Animal Haven | South El Monte     
Been training at Classic Kick Boxing of Pasadena for years.

Any last remarks?

 Yes! Check out the video!  The video centers round a young man with red headphones that has a powerful sense of confidence and a desire for inclusivity towards those around him. His demeanor attracts many who want to follow his lead. This demonstrates the influence a single person can have by leading by example. His red headphones are a visual representation of what makes him unique, but it means something more profound. The headphones represent the spark of individuality that each person carries, and that spark has the remarkable power to inspire those around them.  Eileen Carey DREAMING WITH ME (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)  If you enjoy this video it be greatif you would Subscribe to my YouTube channel when you visit!


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