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REYN Exclusive Interview


1. So REYN, where are you from and what's it like in your hometown?

I'm from Coney Island. Brooklyn, New York.

Where I'm from the beach was down the block. It was living in the projects but on an oceanfront tropical island.

2. Doing Hip-Hop and R&B, what are some of the things you bring to the table that separates you from the pack?

The way I see the world, I can only be myself, REYN. So, I strive to be the best REYN I can be! By staying true to myself, living my truth, my life and talent, hard work, patience, and determination strengthen my confidence to create waves instead of only riding the waves of others.

3. How many years have you been in the music industry and what are some of your accomplishments?

I've been in the music and entertainment game for a minute now, and I'm excited about the new era we're now in. Independently owning what I create makes all my hard work worthwhile. In our industry, from national tours, winning awards, making, and selling records, reading, and writing scripts, working my way up from the crew to producing documentaries, and in multiple areas of the entertainment arena, each day has offered me the chance for accomplishment and success. I've achieved a great deal in my career, but I often feel like I'm just getting started.

Our company, MOZELL ENTERTAINMENT GROUP, and our partners created a mobile video game app called POP ICON CLASHES which is available for download right now on Apple and Google. I’m extremely excited about our expansion into gaming, a natural extension of my work as a musician and producer in independent Film and Television.

4. Beyond music, what are some of your favorite things you like to enjoy?

I'm addicted to information. I like learning. At the moment I'm learning everything I can about METAVERSE. METAVERSE is a parallel universe bursting with ideas and imagination that has "big-banged" into existence! I'm ready and I'm gonna create and grow brand new galaxies, stars, planets, suns, and moons throughout it.

The CEO & Executive Producer of MOZELL ENTERTAINMENT GROUP, Richard Willis, Jr., is first a Writer who has parlayed his craft, talent, and success into other entertainment areas, including management, as he built MOZELL. I watched him, studied, learned, and adopted a similar set of professional strategies and creative principles that I now apply in my work. METAVERSE opens new doors that allow me to expand as an artist creatively. I believe "the force is with me" as I head into my next phase of extraordinary ventures.

5. Could you tell us about your latest project?

In late Spring and throughout the Summer of 2022,

we are releasing three (3) new singles and music videos. They are: “MY CUDDLE BABY”



In addition to being featured in our current Mobile Video Game POP ICON CLASHES, the music and music videos will also be released

as NFTs, giving you unlockable content in our games and valuable ownership stakes in our development of content.

The release of the new music will also be part of the release and promotion of BRILLIANT DANGER, the latest game created by RANSOM NOTICE and MOZELL ENTERTAINMENT GROUP, which will feature a dazzling NFT drop later this Spring.

Music, Visuals, and NFTs in METAVERSE are the future. I am making sure that I'm on the cutting edge and at its forefront.

6. Who are some of the notable people who pushed you along the way? My FAMILY is my foundation, I can't do anything without them.
My manager, Richard Willis, Jr. has been a great mentor. Good managers get you into rooms you need to be in. Great managers get you into opportunities so fascinating, they make you realize you’re already in the rooms where you belong!
MOZELL continues to trailblaze and I am thrilled to be represented by them and to be an owner of the company.

7. Anylastremarks?
NOTICE; G-FORCE PR; FLYAH MAGAZINE. -Check me out on the MOZELL website:
Tap in with me on all social media platforms: @reynforver “LOVE IS LOVE”


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