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Artist Releases Song to Tackle Growing Depression Among Youth


Artist Releases Song to Tackle Growing Depression Among Youth 

BOSTON, Mass. — Dr Jaymz, a British artist now living in the USA, releases new single ‘Set Free.’ As the world’s first missionary turned EDM artist, his inspiring new release tackles the growth in depression among youth. According to the CDC’s most recent report, rates of psychological distress among youth, including anxiety and depression, have increased. It’s clear that people need a sense of love and purpose to tackle these emotions. Dr Jaymz is doing just that by merging music with an uplifting message that can overcome feelings of sadness and brokenness.

In his latest release, Dr Jaymz delivers a message of freedom and deliverance, where he encourages partygoers to quit numbing their pain with toxic vices, cut loose from their demons by embracing the love of God. Pulsing bass synths, ethereal pads, echoing vocals and a punching beat set the tone, blending elements of dance, pop and slap house in the vein of TiĆ«sto’s ‘The Motto.’

People who struggle with depression often feel like they have no one who cares for them or understands their feelings. However, through his uplifting single, Dr Jaymz moves the hearts of listeners with lyrics of hope and care, showing people that God loves them. The vocalist sings, “You heard my voice in the stars, reached out and just a touch of my heart was all I need.” Everyone is looking for a better life, and this song highlights the everlasting life found in a relationship with God. The chorus “Set free from all the demons holdin’ onto me” is a moment of celebration in the song, accentuated by a thumping slap house beat that will surely move audiences to their feet.

Mastered by the same studio that brought the hit single ‘Head and Heart’ by Joel Corry, ‘Set Free’ is set to become another hit that will captivate listeners with a fresh slap house bass sound that’s become popular with music listeners worldwide.

Dr Jaymz is available for interviews to share with your audience his uniquely creative and timely approach for battling depression through music. 





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