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Exclusive interview with Da-Mind - I’m Not


Where are you from and could you tell us a little bit of your upbringing?

Originally i am from Beaufort S.C. but i moved to Atlanta Ga after high school  to chase a dream in the music business 

What genre of music do you make and when did you first decide to be a musician?

Hip hop / rap   first off i started writing to instrumentals my mian goal was to be a writter but then i started rapping my own songs so thats when i made up my mind to be an artist

Who are some of the notable artists and people that influenced your career thus far?  2pac scarface chuck dee ice cube E40 these are my favorite artists 

Could you tell us about your latest project?

well i think rap needs to change it's message so i've always been the type of artist to go against the grain due to all these artists get killed in this game .. because now days everybody think you have to be gay or a thug or a gangsta to be a successful artist ..

What should we expect from you in the near future?

my goal is build my own label and help out alot of indie artist build they own brand .. 

Could you give us some advice that you can offer to someone who is just getting started in making music?

alotta people think you jump in studio and throw words on a beat and then you becomes rich .. well it's not  that easy you really have to be  built for this and be able to deal with the ups and downs ..  plus also remember to build a budget was getting ready to release your music ..

Besides music, what are some of the things that you are into?

i love to got four wheeling playing basketball vacations and hanging out with my family ..

Are you currently on tour or planning to be?

no tour as of now but maybe later 

Any last Remarks

i hope artists will indie because it would benefit them better ..


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