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Exclusive interview with Evan Croft


Where are you from and could you tell us a little bit of your upbringing?

I’m from Toronto, Ontario, Canada and I’ve been doing music for 16 years. I started out joining the Toronto Children's Concert Choir and Performing Arts Company to improve my singing ability. I was part of the choir for 8 years and won many achievements including section leader of the tenor section, rising star, and overall vocalist.

After that, I decided since I like being on stage and I like to sing & dance, why not become an artist and performer?


What genre of music do you make and when did you first decide to be a musician?

The genres I make are R&B, Pop, Hip-Hop and/or a blend of the three.

I was inspired to become a songwriter by American artist Kevin Ross, after hearing his music in 2014.


Who are some of the notable artists and people that influenced your career thus far?

I’ve been influenced by many artists. My top five are Michael Jackson, 2Pac, Chris Brown, John Legend and Ne-Yo.


Could you tell us about your latest project?

My debut album was released May 14th, 2021 through my independent label, Croft Media Productions. It covers a wide variety of topics including party songs, love songs, personal & introspective music and inspirational songs. You could say the album is about my life and the different situations I went through.


What should we expect from you in the near future?

Expect one more single from me this year. After that, I’ll have a compilation album which will be ready for the new year.


Could you give us some advice that you can offer to someone who is just getting started in making music?

If you’re starting out, try your best to be yourself. It’s easy to copy someone else’s sound, but finding your sound is what gets you noticed.


Are there any important achievements you have gained since beginning to do music?

I’ve got to meet and learn from artists like Lecrae, Jessie Reyez, Ro James, Devvon Terrell, and Kevin Ross. I’d say my biggest achievement was I got to be an opening performer for Curtis Young, the son of Dr. Dre.


Besides music, what are some of the things that you are into?

I've also been acting around Canada for 12 years. If I’m not entertaining, you could find me playing either basketball or golf.


Are you currently on tour or planning to be?

I’m planning a tour, but I’m currently doing performances around Ontario.


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