Flyah Review: "ALL ON YOU" by Happy Curmudgeons


Flyah Review: "ALL ON YOU" by Happy Curmudgeons


Happy Curmudgeons finds a deeper meaning.


After sizzling success with their last single, the incredible band returns to take you to a higher level.


Officially released on Sunday, October 16, 2022, "ALL ON YOU" is a welcome surprise to those who crave spiritual music




Relentlessly determined to make music their way, Happy Curmudgeons took destiny into their hands.


Refusing to be average, the music collective decided to make amazing songs on their own terms.


And you can experience their extraordinary talent on the debut album entitled "MEANT 2 BE."


They also knocked out the competition and won an award with the showstopping single entitled "2ND CHANCES."


Instead of letting massive success slow them down, Happy Curmudgeons continues to release superior music.




The top-notch production is filled with rich, exciting sounds.


With masterfully played instruments, the track will take you on a non-stop ride with supreme musicality.


Undoubtedly, A-list musicians Pepe' Espinosa and Mark Byerlyserve up a first-class percussion section.


On top of that, the outstanding vocal performances by Jeff Warner and Amy Dixon-Lavery give the track a boost.


Beyond that, the brilliantly well-written, thought-provoking lyrics will stir your soul deeply.  

This awesome track leaves you begging for more!  The vibe is calming yet full of excitement in the lyrics and instrumentation! 

The catchy chorus stands out with confidence and packs a punch with the perfect tone and delivery!




The single underutilizes Amy Dixon-Lavery's gorgeous vocals.  Her beautiful voice should have appeared earlier in the song.


Other than that, "ALL ON YOU" sounds fantastic.


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