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Brayden Tabakian Exclusive Interview


Where are you from and could you tell us a little bit of your upbringing?

I’m originally from Denver Colorado but over the course of many years have lived in different places, such as Arkansas and Missouri. I grew up in Arkansas with my parents and 3 siblings. My mom home schooled my siblings and I, while my dad worked a couple different jobs, being a pastor and working at a rehab center. It wasn’t until I moved back to Denver when I became interested in music. It was specifically drums that I started putting most of my attention to at the age of 13 and 14. I started posting videos of myself making drum covers and I would do that for years up till now. That all lead me to where I am now. I decided on top of drumming I wanted to start singing, and that is the start of where my music comes in! 

What genre of music do you make and when did you first decide to be a musician?

I make whatever my heart is feeling but so far it’s mainly been in the genre of pop. I grew up in church playing to worship music, listened to pop music on the radio, but when it came to drums I loved trap the most. I built a lot of my “chops” by playing to artist like travis scott, drake, lecrae, and others like them. When I got into singing I went back to my roots of worship/ gospel and a couple of my favorite pop artist, being Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes. This has all lead me to creating my own music where I take elements of each genre and make something special! 

Who are some of the notable artists and people that influenced your career thus far?

I was in a band not too long ago before going solo with my friend Ethan. Ethan, who goes by the artist name Tanisako, taught me so much of what I know now when it comes to both singing and writing a song. Before meeting Ethan I’d never expressed my art other than playing drums, so i’m very grateful for him. As I said before, Justin Bieber has always been a huge influence for me. I love his r&b style of singing and melodies and it’s inspired many of my melodies. There’s so many others ranging from drummers like Matt Mcguire and Devon Taylor, to other singers (Chandler Moore, Maverick City Worship, Montell Fish and more.) 

Could you tell us about your latest project?

My latest project is a single called “Age Like Wine.” I’m super in love with this song as it’s the first song fully written by me. The song is about a healing relationship that comes from forgiveness. I was able to show off some of my drumming on top of my vocals, which will be a first for many of my fans to hear! I’m super excited to see the reaction from them and even more excited for new listeners to get a hold of this song. 

What should we expect from you in the near future?

There’s so much I want to say but then it wouldn’t be a surprise! Expect a lot more music and shows coming up! 

Could you give us some advice that you can offer to someone who is just getting started in making music?

If you love what you are doing, then you will keep doing it no matter what anyone says. If it’s truly something you want to do, then that’s all that matters. Don’t ever limit yourself because there truly isn’t a limit! It’s easy to beat yourself up for not knowing how to do certain things, but you will learn overtime. it’s so important to take your time and be encouraging to yourself always. 

Are there any important achievements you have gained since beginning to do music?

There aren’t too many that I consider achievements yet, however being able to have hundreds of thousands of people see my videos and listen to my music  is something i’ll never be able to grasp. That in itself is an achievement that i’m constantly grateful for. Knowing that people support me and the things i create, means the world to me. 

Besides music, what are some of the things that you are into?

I love working out and it’s something I look forward to most days. I also sometimes play video games with friends and may even have just started my first anime show!  

Are you currently on tour or planning to be?

I’m not on tour but I do plan to be in the near future. I can’t wait! 

Any last remarks?

You can listen to my music on all platforms by just searching - Brayden Tabakian

Here are his music links;


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