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DC Music- a Florida-based country musician

  DC is a Florida-based country musician whose music covers the spectrum of emotion, sung directly from the heart. Now with over two and a half decades of experience of translating his feelings into sound, DC’s been well on his way to achieving his goal of touching as many people as he possibly can with his music. For DC, if only one person takes something positive from his music, that’s a success in his eyes. DC was born in Plant City, Florida, and was raised in central Kentucky on a healthy diet of country and bluegrass music. This inevitably shaped the musical style he brandishes today, reeling in influences from the likes of Keith Whitley, Merle Haggard, Daryl Singletary and Vern Gosdin. Although he echoes inspiration from many of these greats, his music also has a voice of its own – a unique country sound that places authenticity at its core. DC has also had the opportunity to write music alongside Charles Fredrickson, Charlie Craig, Razzy Bailey, Craig Hand, Eden Langworthy and S