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Exclusive interview with Paddock


Where are you from and could you tell us a little bit of your upbringing?

I was born in Detroit, and grew up in and around the city. I am from a typical Midwestern suburban family. Two hard working parents, 3 siblings, and a great neighborhood group of friends that I still maintain many friendships with to this day. I was always active in different types of athletics, but music was always my first passion. Especially when it came to singing. I started in choir as a young kid, and continued all the way through high school. 

What genre of music do you make and when did you first decide to be a musician? 

I make alternative rock music. I knew I wanted to be a musician the first time I heard Rock and Roll all night by KISS when I was 5 years years old.

Who are some of the notable artists and people that influenced your career thus far?

I have been influenced by so many different artists, and types of music my whole life. Early influences were KISS, Foreigner, Elton John, and Billy Joel (and of course Motown...especially Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder...I'm from Detroit, so this one is a no brainer). Some of biggest influences to this day came out of 80s groups like U2, Billy Idol, Depeche Mode, Icehouse, and the biggest was INXS. Michael Hutchence inspires me to this day. 90s alternative grunge scene is still my biggest influence which started with Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, and Foo Fighters. Mid 90s brought about my other biggest influence which was J.R. Richards and his band at the time Dishwalla. If I were to name a top 5 of influences it would be Michael Hutchence, J.R. Richards, Dave Grohl, Billy Joel, Bono (Lou Gramm of Foreigner and Iva Davies of Icehouse would be next up).

Could you tell us about your latest projects?

I recently returned from Oxfordshire England where I recorded my latest EP-Love Me Forever which was produced and co-written by J.R. Richards. We recorded it as his studio in Oxfordshire.

What should we expect from you in the near future?

As I am an unsigned indie artist, I'll be promoting my new EP as well as a lot of upcoming performances this spring and summer throughout Michigan and Northern Ohio doing both full band and acoustic performances. Everything I do goes back in to making more music.

Could you give us some advice that you can offer to someone who is just getting started in making music? it for your love and passion of music. Be prepared to work hard, and never be afraid to promote yourself, and your music.

Are there any important achievements you have gained since beginning to do music?

Well, I think my biggest one would be getting to work with my biggest influence since the mid-90s J.R. Richards. I had the honor of doing backing vocals on two of his solo albums, and then having him produce my original music. It was also a great honor to be nominated as 2021 Male Artist of the Year by Radio Wigwam in the UK, and we also won the Rocking the D Banger Music Award for Best Song by a Detroit artist for our song Sunshine Smile in 2021.

Besides music, what are some of the things that you are into?

Photography and travel. They go hand in hand to me. I love to go explore, and I'm always snapping photos everywhere I go. I love to share my experiences with everyone, and let them see the world through my eyes.

Are you currently on tour or planning to be?

I'll be working hard all spring and summer doing acoustic and full band performances throughout Michigan and Northern Ohio. If any other opportunities arise...I'll take them !

Any last remarks?

I have a great love of everyone who supports indie artists like myself, and all the outlets that support us in living our dream.

I am very thankful to everyone who has supported my musical journey, and I look forward to what the future brings.



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