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Flyah Magazine catches up with Eileen Carey


For people just discovering you Eileen, could you tell us a little about your background? 

EC: Sure. I grew up in middle class family in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. Sang in school musicals, church and theater productions and banged on the drums for a time. I was always into music but went to school for management and began working for a national hotel chain, which transferred me to Los Angeles at my request.

 I came to Los Angeles to work in the film industry, even ended up in a couple films, but I couldn't ignore my love of music over all things. I was booking entertainment as part of my management chores when I realized I could sing and write songs myself. Never looked back.

 What’s a typical day of creation like for you?

EC: I am constantly writing little notes to myself. Little things that I see. Or some melody might catch my whim. I spend every day thinking of song ideas, and put aside time for my writing. I then take those ideas in a rough outline and I look for a collaborator to complete those ideas. When I think I have a song that I want to sing I send it off to my longtime producer Travis Allen in Nashville. If he likes it, we begin to create rhythm tracks. 

 How did the Joe Blasco Cosmetics come about?

EC: I have often had sponsorships in my singing career such as Supercuts, FixNation and now Joe Blasco. Cosmetics. I have been using Joe’s cosmetics for years, so when my current brand agent Laura Mckinney of Strata Brand asked for a wish list of brands to partnerships with, I mentioned Joe, and so she reached out to him, and he was impressed by my story and jumped at the chance to partner with me.

“Eileen Carey uses Joe Blasco products on and off the stage, showing that a woman is powerful and filled with purpose at any age. She has done it all and continues to evolve with spirit. Her essence inspires all she comes in contact with, and her music is a sheer force for positivity, truth, and empowerment.”. - joeblascocosmetics

How was your experience opening up at Motels at Canyon Montclair?

 EC: This was the third time I have shared a stage with Martha Davis and The Motels. First time was at the Rose in Pasadena, CAI was very excited. I had covered her song “Only the Lonely” on my Let it Go” release in 2014.When I met her backstage the first time it was as if I was looking at my big sister. The second co-bill was at Canyon Montclair, as was this past show. It is always a pleasure to share a stage with them. Their performances are inspiring! Martha is an amazing performer.  It was a great opportunity and an honor to have shared the stage with her three times.

What was your first reaction when you won entertainer of the year at the Independent Music Network?  

EC: Grateful! My team thought it was perfect award for me. I have shared the stage with so many classic acts last year, and in my Indie career. Acts like The Starship, Ambrosia, Don Mclean, Rita Coolidge, Little River Band, and even the Spinners, lol. I am a regular at the fairs and festivals in California and even play the Honky Tonks of Nashville. Simply said the stage is what I do it all for. Where I am most comfortable.

I have also put together one of the finest bands in the Country, with John “Groover’ McDuffie Music Director and lead guitar, Carl Byron on keyboards, Devitt Feeley on acoustic guitar, Alex Skjlarevski on bass, Lynn Coulter on drums, and Gia Ciambodi backing vocals.

Could you tell us about your latest project? 

EC: I am working on the music video for “Land with You”. I collaborate with a filmmaker in Berlin, Germany, named Taner Tumkaya, who I have creating my music videos with for years. Planning a release late next month or early May.  June 16 I will be back at the Canyon Montclair with Pure Prairie League.

I do a lot of Fairs in the summer and currently booking them as I do each year. Also, I am in discussion with a new club out in Venice Beach for a couple slots this summer and will return to Nashville shortly to finish a number of new tracks for me to put final vocals on and sweeten.

Any last remarks? 

EC: I try to give people a different way of thinking, a view that offers alternatives, support, and encouragement. We all have our trials, but I’m 100% convinced we can overcome them by maintaining the right attitude in life. I want people to see the positives in life. Music is magic because it is the closest thing to our hearts and souls. My music is all about making lemonade out of lemons.


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