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Flyah short stories : Storm Valley Chronicles | Episode 1


The empire of Tony Pachino has taking the city over in hostile manner. Evil government officials have formed a chain with the under world crime boss.  Frankie Pachino feels his brother is being too relaxed.  “I don’t know why you’re so comfortable!”  I hope you remember what happen throughout history!  This city is known for wanna be heroes!” Frankie announces.  He can sense the presence of a strong opposition on the rise.  They were unaware of how close this force could be! Nearby sits Relly Santiago, who is more than the local new thought follower.  He’s The Cyborg, the leader of the Flock!

Frankie Bones and his cronies have a reputation of robbing banks. “Let’s take everything boys!  The bank is closed but I guarantee it opens for me”. His sense of intellect only triggered after pulling off a few successful heists. Frankie acquired blueprints that shows the in’s and out’s of each facility holding the money. The bank is very secure but some kind of way, Frankie figures out how to get inside without tripping the alarms. “Take your time boys!  There’s no police for the next 30 minutes!”  Frankie informs.  Unfortunately the heist goes totally wrong. 

Once inside of the bank, Frankie and his crew were stealth attacked.  “What!  Who are these guys!”  Frankie shouts.  “A group of foot soldiers known as the Talon Clan and I am the Cyborg!  The most powerful fighting machine Storm Valley has seen!” Relly responds boldly.  “We were watching you greedy robbers come into the bank so nonchalant.  We surprised you guys just in time.” Santiago says.  The bank's money was left untouched and Frankie felt disappointed that he didn't get what he wanted. The robbers were left on the ground for the police to arrive


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