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Flyah short stories | Tale Of The Cyborg | Episode 1


On a Inconspicuous street located on the south side of Storm Valley lives an anti- Hero by the name of Relly Santiago aka Rellz Tha Postman.  Being a hip hop artist by day, the dishonest music industry leads the postman on his own agendas.  The half cyborg rap phenom has a knack for overthrowing the industry rules and standards.  Guided by his intelligent brother Christobal The Vision he seeks revenge in the favor of the nobody’s.  On a Friday night trouble is brewing on the south side.  Political ties leads the Postman down a path of anger and destruction!  A knock at the door begins the night of terror.  “Who is it?” Relly responds “It’s your cousin Boom!”  Boom rarely comes out at a time like this so the postman knew it was trouble!  “Come in” he announces.  Boom entered the house with a face of disappointment.  “Somebody hit my Cafe around 7:30 pm”.  Boom is the owner of Boom's Cafe on the westside of town.  Postman responded with a fierce look on his face!  “I bet my last dollar Tony Pacino is responsible.  What they take Boom?”  Boom angrily answered “About 50 large!  It’s not the money I’m worried about it’s the lack of respect!  I believe we have done enough for this town to have respect from every low life in Storm Valley.”  Postman replied.  “You damn right we have and respect not given will be taken!”  “What did you see?  Any clue to who did this shit?  Boom replied, “Yes, a black Caprice with Gold rims was seen speeding off”.  Postman smirked.  “I knew it! That is definitely Tony’s crew.  Tony has a cousin who is also in the restaurant business.  His name is Bobby and he is a pretty good guy unlike Tony.  It’s eye for eye Boom,  so he’s a casualty of war tonight.  Grab the gas cans out back.  I’m sure he has insurance but his restaurant will burn in the summer air!”  The two then left at high speed in Boom’s truck on a mission of payback with Tony being the center of attention.   Stay tuned for more!