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The trend of making songs on popular franchises from comics and movies has never been out of fashion. It is common to make songs on themes related to comics, cinema, and literature. Hence, now lovers of James Bond franchise have a reason to be happy as they are in for a musical treat. 

After rocking YouTube with timeless melodies like A Man OfMoodsWheel Of Fortune, and Just Thinking Of You, the talented trio comprising Nancy AdejorFishel Pustilnik & Irene Dav are back with Where Is My James Bond which is a treat for James Bond fans. Treat because the music of this song has been composed by Fishel Pustilnik.

Although these talented artists do not need introduction, for our new readers, we would like to introduce them. Fishel Pustilnik is Number 1 among Top Arrangers for Piano at the biggest Publisher Company in the World for selling & buying Sheet Music. He composed a song Blues In the Middle Of Christmas Night which was performed by Nancy Adejor. This song got him nomination in the Best Composer category at Film Festivals in Berlin, Chicago, Los Angeles, Toronto, Las Vegas, Cannes and New York. On 31 MARCH 2023, this song won award at the California Film Festival.

Toronto is a name that wrestling fans hear a lot and love but Nancy Adejor is a great reason for music lovers to remember Toronto. Adejor won Grand Prize at International Music Festival Yalta 2021. Irene Dav won Poet of the Year 2017.

Talking about the music video of Where Is My James Bond, the way the opening credits of Johnny English Series especially in Johnny English Reborn created the feel of a James Bond movie.  The visuals accompanied by mesmerizing instrumental music of Where Is My James Bond creates that feel in such a beautiful way that you would not need visual for that effect. However, Fishel Pustilnik wanted this awesome song to be an audio-visual treat and that is why, they shot a music video that looks like a song from the soundtrack album for a real James Bond movie. And the music of this song creates the nostalgic feeling that GoldenEye song by Tina Turner created in 1995, winning the hearts of James Bond movie lovers.   

The famous line Bond James Bond does create the feeling of happiness when Bond fans hear it. As the singer says “My James Bond” in her line, it appears that she wants her lover to be brave like James Bond. However, the verse about “I am his forever queen” does make the listener wonder what could be the expectation of singer as James Bond has different Bond Girl (heroine) in every movie. 

The song calls James Bond a superhero as the makers believe that although espionage movies are a different genre, the espionage movie featuring James Bond carry the entertainment quotient that superhero movies carry. This is the reason that over the years, stories of James Bond which started from novels have been adapted into comics too. 

Many people enjoy the lover side of James Bond more than his action hero side. The verse about “kiss of tenderness” highlights that side of James Bond.

Listen to the song Where Is My James Bond at the following YouTube link:

Listen to the song Blues In the Middle Of Christmas Night at the following YouTube link:


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