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Songwriter, singer, producer, arranger, artist, JAREMA is


JAREMA is no newcomer into this business. In the early 1960s, he regularly took a bus from Wayne, New Jersey to New York City, with his guitar and a tape of his songs. He would visit "TIN PAN ALLEY" around Broadway and
knock on the doors of publishers and record companies, trying to get anyone to listen to his music. One day he got lucky and was able to catch the ear of one of the executives at SCREEN-GEMS MUSIC. They had a pool of songwriters that would crank out tunes in their "song factory". JAREMA was partnered to work with writer and singer, RON DANTE, lead singer of THE ARCHIES.
Together they came up with some demos, and in 1963, Ron helped him get his first song published and recorded. The song was called, "RUMBLE IN THE NIGHT", performed by MIKE MINOR. Some time later, Ron was instrumental in securing a recording contract with Stan Shulman's DUNES RECORDS. This led to his first professional release in 1965 on MALA RECORDS of the song, "I'M STICKING WITH YOU", under the pseudonym, RONNIE MICHAELS. This can still be heard on YouTube!

Concurrently, JAREMA was attending a small college in Iowa, and hoping for a hit record. After graduation, JAREMA, through his personal manager and close friend, VIC PISCATELLO, got contracted in 1968 to LAURIE RECORDS (home to such artists as DION, THE CHIFFONS AND THE ROYAL GUARDSMEN), with his new group, THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD. From '68 until '73, they released 15 singles. They were able to have many regional hits, many of which exist in collections of vinyl singles all over the world. Fast forward to the present, JAREMA is still pursuing his dream by independently releasing his singles and albums on his own label , CROOKED WALLS RECORDS. He has placed the country world in his sights, with the release of Singles, "MIDNIGHT STAR" and "LET'S BOOGIE TOGETHER", which buzzed all over the globe on internet radio and various digital platforms. He also has two songs, "BULLET BLUES" (episode #6) and "MAN IN THE BOX" (episode#2), featured in the drama series, "DARE ME', on the USA Network/Netflix, culled from his critically acclaimed and popular blues album, "SING IT, WHITE BOY!". A video of "MAN IN THE BOX" (about homelessness) has topped 21,000+ views on YouTube. JAREMA’s current release is “Anna” by The Reclamators feat. Jarema!



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