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Becky Raisman follows her dreams! New Exclusive Interview


So tell us about your project!  What is the concept behind your project and the message that it conveys? My 3rd EP is called Warrior, and my 3 songs are about being a Warrior, being strong, getting up on your feet. My 2nd song is Live Your Life is about living your life, following your dreams, to forgive and Summer Nights is about being with your loved one on a summer night 

Do you find yourself growing as a recording artist? 

Explain Oh totally!!! I remember collorbating when I was in college at Columbia College Chicago in the 2000s. I remember recording my parts at Studio Chicago (closed in 2013). After college I did karaoke,  singing contests, open mics. Now, I released 2 singles and 3 EPs.

What’s the best thing that has happened to you musically in the recent time? 

Well, I'm in an adult band at School of Rock in my area. Last year, I saw that they were opening up one right near me so I contacted them on Facebook and Matt McFarland responded and told me about a grand opening open house so I went and he told me that the adult band didn't have a vocalist so I signed up right then and there. When they first opened they didn't have a voice teacher so I just went to rehearsals. Then in May a voice teacher started but she was there for only a month because she owns a small business and couldn't do voice lessons anymore. Then in July another voice teacher started and it had been great ever since. Annie is amazing, we have so much in common like we love the Musical Hair, we are both into the 60s, hippies, crystals, candles, tye dye stuff, peace signs all that good stuff. She even got me into her favorite band The Crane Wives they do Indie Rock, folk just great music, organic sound you need to check them out. I will be switching keyboard lessons to School of Rock right now I'm taking keyboard lessons at Bach to Rock but I decided that I don't want to pay for two schools and Bach to Rock doesn't have adult band so I'm going to do everything at School of Rock.

Suppose if there's another occupation for you besides music, what would it be? Stand Up Comedian or comedy writer. Believe it or not I did stand up comedy for awhile. I got my start at Annoyance Theatre with Lily Alison, then went to a few open mics at The Laugh Factory, took stand up comedy at Improv Playhouse with Jason Acevado, then I moved to Charleston, South Carolina did open mics at Charleston Sports Book, the Brick, was in a comedy contest in Myrtle Beach, and did World Series of Comedy. I also took online comedy writing classes and a stand up comedy class through Second City with Holly Wortall and Dan Tefner (I think that is his last name) and took an online comedy writing class with Jerry Corley. In 2021 I did comedy festivals on Zoom Good Karma Comedy Festival, Cheap Fest Comedy Festival all on Zoom and I haven't been doing much comedy these days because I'm focusing on music. 

Would you like to have a dream collaboration, if so who would it be with? Well, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, This awesome band The Crane Wives, Melissa Etheridge, Dua Lipa, Bruno Mars, Calvin Harris, Mark Ronson, Sam Smith, Shane McNally (I can't spell the last name) any LGBT artist or songwriter songwriter 

Do you feel that your genre of music has a step of evolution to reach? Yes, I want to start a revolution and change the world.

Where in years to come do you see your legacy being forged? Not sure. I'm building a legacy all ready 

How do you manage to keep a creative mind in making music? I watch youtube videos of Lesbian short films, listen to music, read a book. Sometimes things pop in my head and ill record it on my phone or write it down. 

Any last remarks? Follow your dreams!


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