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Artistry Over Wealth | Exclusive Interview with Sampson The Poet

 Where are you from and what’s it like in your hometown?

I am born and mostly raised in New Bedford, Massachusetts. New Bedford is full of hardworking and creative people. It's got It's ups and downs just like everywhere. For me it's home and where I feel the most comfortable. The art scene is really taking off over these last few years and added with some great restaurants, it's really growing.

What inspired you to develop your craft as a music artist?

The journey started without music. Poetry started as a way out from the world. It saved my life. So I guess you could say my struggle with depression at an early age was the match that lit the fire. After that it was just curiosity and finding out where I wanted to go with it and being open to new adventures.

Has the lifestyle of being a poet influenced your personal life in any way?  If so would you care to shed light on your experience?

Poetry has literally saved my life a couple times. I get lost in my head and writing has always sorted it out. Pursuing poetry has enabled me to bridge gaps within and has connected me with many other artists as we. I can say if I never chose to write about what I was feeling when I was fifteen years old, I probably don't make it to twenty.

Who are some of the notable people that pushed you along your artistic path?

Shihan Van Clief was a major player in me pursuing spokenword and really just the idea of me performing at all. "Flashy Words" on def poetry was really mind-blowing for me. Def Poetry Jam in general was a whole new world for me. Outside of that, my friends, my son, and the people I choose to work with really keep things fresh and push me to keep building my skillset. 

So tell us about your latest project…

Recently I wrote a short children story titled "Peaceplease" that is available on amazon as an ebook and on bandcamp as an audiobook.

I am also working on doing more open mics and I'm working a new project with a friend that you'll see something from shortly.

So what we can expect from you in the near future?


Besides art, what other things do you find interesting?

Being a full-time single parent is pretty interesting haha. I've been back into martial arts training for few months. My first love was Taekwondo.

Do you feel that the industry has lost its potency due to the social media uprise? 

Social media ruins a lot but overall I think it was helped give opportunities for artists to get exposure and other ways to earn money from their art.

If you could do any other venture what would it be?

I've been meaning to get into learning the guitar or something but I just haven't.

Where is the best place to indulge in your artistry?

spotify, bandcamp, amazon, and instagram

Any last remarks?

People sleep on how much writing and just finding a good creative outlet changes your whole game. We all need that productive outlet to help mediate the stress from our lives. It's the difference between life or death for some like it was for me and for others, it's a bridge to their full potential.

It's not about the approval of others unless you want it to be.


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