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Hip Culture New music!

His roots and inspiration in music came from all sorts of Artists from the Beatles to The Gypsy Kings ( who are his favorite band). He studied piano and eventually Music Theory finishing my studies in Liverpool England under a private Tutor.

Hip Culture was born in Sicily, immigrated to Canada when he was a little boy and his parents settled first in Kitimat B.C. Then for a brief stint in Montreal. They finally ended up in Oshawa Ontario where he grew up. Now he lives in Stouffville Ontario.

He releases a song about going back and forth in time looking for that one special place. HIP CULTURE has released the new track Time Machine. Opening with ethereal vocals over synthesizers, Time Machine pulls listeners into the clouds with a poppy sound and upbeat groove. While guitars, mandolins, and bass provide colorful intrigue to the song, it is the keyboards that give the tune its signature sound. Honing in on the wonderful potential of time travel, the lyrics take listeners on a ride through history on the eponymous time machine. The lyrics are sung with a bright tone the soars above the music. They immediately give a sense of wonder that is present through the entire tune. Overall, Time Machine by HIP CULTURE is a bright new pop tune that lights up with the wonder of time travel


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