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Exclusive Interview with Panama Scarrett and Music Video


So tell us about your project!  What is the concept behind your music and the message it conveys?

I call myself a Recording Artist, because that is my comfort zone...Not performing.

I began record production in 2016...down the years I primarily just wrote short stories and poems which sometimes became songs. One day I woke up with a very strong inclination to get back into producing songs...something I shelved a long time ago..and being someone who will have an itch and then immediately scratch...that is what I did.And re-produced an old song I write "Only One Star In My Life"

Do you find yourself growing as a recording artist? Explain

When I first began it was all about writing song and producing them for my best friend, but writing songs for someone takes me out of character, as i have to tailor the song to fit their truth. And I soon realized I was neglecting myself, and for my birthday 2018...on a whim, I wrote a song 100% based on my truth "Poison Delilah" and before I could chicken out I recorded it and released it.

Since then I take every opportunity to go from strength to strength.

What is your favorite experience musically in the recent times?

The hardest thing when one is doing music is to put a team together that works like a well oiled is a process that takes a lot of give and take, and I have had some collaborations that makes me stand outside of myself and say Wow!...Did I do that? me goose bumps every time.

To be precise "Bubbling With Love" Raggs Gustaffe Ft. Rose Fullerton gives me great satisfaction.

Besides music what other things are you into?

I have been very artistic for as long as I can remember, and I used to do water color paintings and sell them on street corners, and in a few stores in Kingston, Jamaica. In 2015 I wrote a book of short stories and self published it...also I began an animated series based on a story I expanded from the book "Footworks, A Bus Drivers Journal".

Would you like to have a dream collaboration, if so who would it be with?

That would be with Burna Boy..he embraces many genre..I love such creativity

Do you feel that your genre of music has a step of evolution to reach?

The greatest joy for an independent artist, is that I am not bound to one genre...I can dip into many streams and experiment.

Where in years to come do you see your legacy being forged?

Success is what determines what the composite of my legacy will it stands right now...I am fingers crossed waiting for the day when everyone know my in "Cheers"

How do you manage to keep a creative mind in your making music?

I take no breaks in my creativity...and make sure to write at least one thing everyday...and most of all as a producer I try to listen to as much music as I can for concepts and ideas.

Any last remarks?

Most artists are very serious about their work and especially content, but grew up influenced by songwriters and authors who wrote from a place of personal experience...and when you come from so deep...pain is mixed with pleaser and most of all the salt, of a lot of humor is sprinkled within "A Boy Named Sue" Johnny Cash...and that's how I express myself in my personal work...humor must touch the mind, soul and lips.


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