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Flyah Magazine catches up with Eileen Carey

 Flyah: So, tell us about your project!  What is the concept behind your project and tell us about the message it conveys?

EC: My new single and music video is all about uplifting and empowering people it showcases the universal theme of resilience and the triumph of the human spirit.

In "Every Day," I wanted to deliver a powerful anthem that resonates with listeners on a deeply personal level. The song itself explores the familiar journey of feeling knocked down and overwhelmed by life's challenges but emphasizes the choice to rise above adversity and persevere with unwavering positivity.

The music video for the song that I just released was directed and produced by Taner Tumkaya in Berlin, Germany and it a visual representation of the song's essence. The video artfully tells a story that mirrors the struggles many individuals face, irrespective of their background or walk of life, by portraying a diverse range of characters navigating through life's trials. The video truly underscores the universality of human experience.

Do you find yourself growing as a recording artist? Explain

EC: Yes, absolutely! Not just as a recording artist but as a performing artist and as a songwriter. I think the craft, if it is your career, forces you to constantly grow to survive.

What’s the best thing that has happened to you musically in recent times?

EC: The growth of my band and my songwriting craft..  I have had some great bands, but the one I have now is world class. Every one of them has had considerable careers on their own right and have all taught me something, not the least of all how to listen. John McDuffie my music Director has had a long career as Rita Coolidge’s lead guitar and MD as well as Carl Byron on keyboards, Lynn Coulter on drums, Devitt Feeley on acoustic guitar and vocals, Gia Ciambotti from the Graces on backup vocals and Alex Sklarevski on bass.  

What’s your favorite pass time besides music?

EC: Have a couple. Kick Boxing and my husband and I have a non-profit called Stray Paw Animal Haven, a TNR clinic with a mobile surgical van as well as our so many animal rights outreaches.

Would you like to have a dream collaboration, if so who would it be with?

EC: Keith Urban.

Do you feel that your genre of music has a step of evolution to reach?

EC: Hell of a question. Yes, particularly regarding women. Despite the success I have had over the years in radio as a woman that came up through the country music industry getting play on radio was and still is difficult. I have been able to overcome that by making good records and knowing which promoters can get women on the radio. Persistence!

I am a Pop-Rock-Country crossover artist these days, but I will always be proud of my success on the country charts. And I believe that yes should be the answer to your question, but it has come a long way. Look at the success Luke Combs has had crossing over with Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car” and Beyonce’s success on the Country charts this past month.

Where in years to come do you see your legacy being forged?

EC: My music always brings a positive message. The world is filled with ups and downs, so I want to help people see things in a more positive light and find a better place in life.  My songs offer distinct, prominent messages about personal empowerment and emotional fulfillment. I want to make a difference in people’s lives.

 “Don’t want to be blinded by fear, and I know what I got to do When I want ton jump I find a better way, I get back up, I get back up every day, every day” – “Every Day”

How do you manage to keep a creative mind in making music?

EC: I never stop thinking about music. It is who I am. Change is the “word” in the music industry, and you always have to be in to it 100%. Everything is constantly evolving, grooves, instrumentation, language. I am a student of popular trends, though I am myself, I incorporate ideas that I appreciate. I like all kinds of music, and I try to listen to everyone. It keeps my mind creative in making music for sure.

Any last remarks?

EC: Yeah. I recently released a new single which is picking up steam on radio called “Every Day” and I just released the music video for “Every Day”. The video has had 50,000 views in just weeks.

I am also busy booking my summer and fall Fairs and Festivals and planning another trip to Nashville and will be performing at the Producers Choice Honor Awards – Icon Series Red Carpet Press Event in Henderson, Nevada on the 25th of June.  In August, on the 9th, I will be opening for Don Mclean, which I did some years ago at the Saban in Los Angeles, at the Canyon Montclair. I will also be sharing the stage with The Motels again for the 4th time in my career, on the 28th of September. Also, at the Canyon Montclair

Finally, I have been nominated by the New Music Awards in three categories. The vote is still open and it would be wonderful if people would go vote!

Take a moment to vote for me and go vote on the New Music Awards website!

You'll find my nominations in these categories:

-AC Breakthrough Artist of the Year - Country Breakthrough Artist of the Year

- Crossover Artist/Band of the Year


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