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Late Cambrian Exclusive Interview!


So tell us about your project!  What is the concept behind your music and the message it conveys? 

Late Cambrian has gone through numerous incarnations to get to the band we have now. With our newest material, we are setting out to bring some sick classic rock type riffs into our indie rock sound. When I walk around NYC I find myself listening to music from the 70's (Led Zeppelin, King Crimson, Black Sabbath) and I find their approach to guitar riffs really galvanizing and exciting. Our newest songs (Cave My Head Full of Dreams, Late Bloomer) still have the chord changes and melodies that I love to write, but they also have a riff rock component that has been lost in music as of late. 

Do you find yourself growing as a recording artist? Explain.

We are definitely growing as recording artists right now. We've had a new lineup since 2023. It's the first time Late Cambrian has had a second guitar player, and we have a new drummer and bass player as well. All this new blood has injected creativity and excitement into the music. Everyone is bringing their stamp of playing and originality to the project and I couldn't be happier!

What is your favorite experience musically in the recent times?

My favorite experience since the new lineup was recording our two newest singles with guest musicians I love! 

Late Bloomer boasts a ripping melodic guitar solo from good friend Brendan Brown of the band Wheatus (Teenage Dirtbag). His guitar solo is a great combination of musical, dexterous and dirty. He played it on his semi hollowbody acoustic electric and the way it reacts to the fuzz he is using is really quite unique. Cave My Head Full of Dreams has a wild guitar outro by guitarist and comedian Dave Hill whom I met while music directing a Kids in The Hall themed rock opera at The Bellhouse NYC! His guitar tone is very apocalyptic and needs ro be heard!

Besides music what other things are you into?

In my limited spare time I run a surrealist animated comedy YouTube called BBQ Fwenz. I also LOVE going to see horror movies on the big screen, of which there are a LOT of good ones right now (Late Night With The Devil, Immaculate) 

Would you like to have a dream collaboration, if so who would it be with?

If the universe smiles on my destiny, I would LOVE to collaborate with The Smile (Thom Yorke, Johnny Greenwood Radiohead side project) The music they are currently creating hits all the spots for me. Also I'd love to write a song with Rivers Cuomo (Weezer)

Do you feel that your genre of music has a step of evolution to reach?

There are some music approaches and concepts that I'd love to get to. First, I want to get Late Cambrian's new lineup to a more expansive musical approach where we can stretch out and let a song change and develop over the course of its runtime, a more psychedelic approach to music creation. The Flaming Lips have done this really well on their later albums. I also would love to try incorporating live sample manipulation and loop creation into the music. 

Where in years to come do you see your legacy being forged?

I hope that in years to come, Late Cambrian is known for pushing the envelope of what pop and rock music can become, while also bringing elements of music I love from the 70's and 80's to the music landscape once again, but with a unique twist.

How do you manage to keep a creative mind in making your music?

Good question. For me, songwriting has been about being available when the muse awakens. Inspiration can come from anywhere, musical or otherwise. I'm always ready with my phone's voice memo to record myself humming a new melody line or rhythm idea. Be ready to document your inspiration or you may lose it!

Any last remarks?

           The path of an artist can be a lonely one. Make sure you reach out to your friends, fellow      musicians etc. and take a break from what drives you, in order to take in the world.




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