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Flyah Short Stories | Storm Valley Tales | “Tony wants Expansion”


On the westside of Storm Valley a conversation of acquisition was taking place.  Tony Pachino was enjoying the benefits of being a top player in racketeering so much, he decided he wanted a piece of the westside action.  Unfortunately for him he was met with resistance of the west side crime boss, Johnny Blanche.  Johnny announced rudely, “Listen Tony!  There is no room for two head honchos and I don’t see me running off with my tail between my legs!  Take that tough guy shit back to the East!  Tony responded abruptly.  I am aware of your influence here Johnny, but I am sorry to tell you, I always disregard limiting persuasion!   And besides I thought it was courteous of me to give you a warning about my plans of growth.  Johnny answered, Courtesy is valuable but the westside is worth more than that!  Tony smiled and spoke eagerly, Now we’re talking,  what’s your price?


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