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Exclusive interview with Clark Ford


So tell us about your project!  What is the concept behind your music and the message it conveys?

     My project is an album of pop music about relationships, called "I'm Lookin' at You."  Solme of the songs are upbeat and happy ("I'm Lookin' at You," "You Make Me Happy," "Unconditionally," "Celebrate the Sun," and "We Must Have Angels Up Above"), whereas others are more thoughtful ("Throwin' Our Love Away," "Love Transcends," "I Won't Give Up On You, "You Live In Me," and "The Smallest Act of Kindness."

Do you find yourself growing as a recording artist? Explain

     I am actually a songwriter, and not really a recording artist, but my songs continue to grow in depth and accessibility.  I am also writing in several genres besides pop: country, rock, sacred, and easy listening retro jazz.

What is your favorite experience musically in  recent times?  

       I enjoy writing songs, and then working with the recording studio to improve the arrangement and really bring out the lyrics and music!

Besides music what other things are you into?

    I love nature and gardening, and I also love movies and books!

Would you like to have a dream collaboration, if so who would it be with?  For pop, I would love to collaborate with |Adele!

Do you feel that your genre of music has a step of evolution to reach?

   The music is constantly evolving as I bring in and combine elements from more genres and styles.

Where in years to come do you see your legacy being forged?  I would love for some of my songs to become "classics," played widely, covered widely, and used in movies and TV.  I couldn't think of a better legacy!

How do you manage to keep a creative mind in making music?  I love to be inspired by an idea or concept for a song, orf a person or character, or situation.  Wherever music is used in our life and society, I am always thinking about the song I would write for that genre/occasion/relationship.

Any last remarks?

    Music is personal.  Either it touches you or it doesn't.  For those of you who my music touches, you now share a part of me, and I you.  Good music really has an unlimited shelf life as long as it sounds good.  And I agree with Duke Ellington who said "If it sounds good, it IS good!"



  1. Anonymous10:45 AM

    Wonderful interview! So happy to read it, Clark, and to learn more about you, my treasured friend.


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