Lifestyle and Art of Purcell Jr


Lifestyle and Art of Purcell Jr



Read our interview with him below!

How was your upbringing in Tracy, Ca?

   overall I had some good childhood and bad childhood life growing up in the Valley I have 3 brothers 2 sisters grown and got they own place now I don’t have to share lol.I’ve been bullied from some students & teachers from time to time when I was in school i didn’t have a lot of friends and still don’t I keep my circle small I mean I know people I just I don’t be buddy buddy with everyone I’m still like that to this day. Back in school like in elementary and middle school I used to be social but now I’m an introvert a little bit cuz Of the bullying not only in school but on social media as well. But when I was in middle school, and high school music was my outlet so that helped my social life a little bit. My parents wanted me to go to the boys & girls club during the summer when I was in middle school to help me socialize more with people and make some new friends to hangout with. For half of 2019 me & my parents have been homeless for a year and a half, our first night we slept in Cars that night, then we found a hotel the next day to stay in for a little while cuz I was working at the 99 cents store in Tracy to help my family so I couldn’t do any music and as well as going to school at San Joaquin delta college the mountain house campus. Like in school as a kid if I do good in school my mom would take me to McDonald’s or where ever I want to eat then she’ll take me to the arcade in the mall on Friday’s or she’ll let me hangout with my friends.The neighborhoods I grew up in were Hepburn, weeping willow, pearless way, Acacia Street, and Lincoln blvd they are great neighborhoods to live in. I also earned honor rolls in middle school as well.

What is like to have blended hip hop and gospel genres together?  

So tell us about the "Let it Rock" single and what is the inspiration of this track? So the inspiration of let it rock is a pop off sample which is inspired by a rapper name Sada Baby which I found off of they got free loops to choose from.I know kevin rudolf made a rock version to let it rock so what I did was I found that pop off sample on looperman and I flipped it and made a gospel hip hop version of it but I made my own beat and my friend John Mason his rap name is Jm3 who rapped over it,he the one who named it let it rock cuz I couldn’t think of a name for it so I asked him. 

Give us some detail about the creative process of PurcellJR? 

So I’m using PurcellJr because someone is already using PJ as a artist who is a singer, Which happens to be my nickname and when I was a Kid my Parents call me Jr because me and my dad have the same name his is Purcell Sr so my mom calls him Purcell Sr. when I got to about 18 I told my parents to call me PJ cuz I felt like Jr was childish lol and I was like hmmm I should use that for my beat tag which is PJ on the beat. 

 Who are some of your favorite artist and why?

   I don’t really have a specific artist, I listen to      a lot of mainstream music like on the radio I don’t have like a artist on who I just listen to all the time.

How has Covid-19 affected your music career lately?

So Since COVID-19 hit I was surprised I was in shocked like I never thought I would have to face something like this in my life but I’m great full that I’m still here as well as my family even though I lost some family members in the past but not due to COVID it was other health issues and a lot of people are dying from it but it is what it is I can’t control it Since it started I’ve just been making, selling beats, going to college, getting my life together staying out of trouble and just follow COVID 19 protocols and that’s all I can do.

If you could do anything else in live what would it be?

If I could do anything else in life It would be traveling. I love to travel and seeing different things.

Any last remarks?

My last remark would be is to follow your dreams get that education cuz nobody can take that away from you. Also have confidence, have faith in god, and believe in yourself and be yourself don’t be like no one else cuz you won’t go far in life let the haters hate ignore them keep it movin.