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New Single From Rellz Tha Postman #Flyah


Gavin Clark and Mojib with Latanies Remix Ive got a Future( Flyah Review)

The song I've got a future has definitely brought a level of professionalism to the music business.  The mixing of this track is great and the piano that starts at 2:06 brings a warmth to this song. Listening to this track I imagine many things such as blue sky's and starry nights.  The song brings about inspiration to achieve long life and success.  Picture your self climbing mountain Everest with everybody telling you that you're foolish to take on such a challenge. The whole time you know you have what it takes to conquer all obstacles. That's why  ''I've got a future'' is a proud statement to be spoken, hopefully to be heard and taken seriously.  The vocal track is appealing, smooth and leaves a lasting impression on the listener.  The instrumentation is also remarkable and fits this ballet to a T.  If I had to rate this song on a scale of one to ten,  I would give it a 8 out of ten for composition and delivery.  Overall this song is gr

Bring the Royal Ruckus

Royal Ruckus started with a couple high school kids in Bakersfield, CA in 1998 trying to make positive hip-hop music. They released a number of records, and built a buzz that gained them national attention, and landed them a record deal on a label out of Nashville. After a fun ride, they ended up quiet for a number of years, soft-releasing a few projects here and there, but largely staying out of the spotlight. In 2017, they return with their most ambitious project ever: a double album, wrapped around a story-line and a metaphor based on the cicada, the strange insect that spends most of its life quietly underground, before coming out to make a royal ruckus above ground for a season. The cicada is every man: longing to live, but spending so much time in preparation for really living. For their latest project, they called in help from about two dozen of their friends, and made their strongest project ever. It's a journey through joy and pain, life and death, friendship and

Kevin Beadles - All Down for Flyah

Kevin Beadles unites indie pop-rock with the back porch drawl of gospel, blues, and alt. county. What you get is roots music with plenty of branches. Grand Prize Winner of both Great American Song Contest & West Coast Songwriters Int'l Contest. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE EVERYONE IS GETTING “ALL DOWN FOR AUSTIN” Kevin Beadles’ latest single, “All Down for Austin,” is a fun-loving country-flavored composition inspired by the South by Southwest music festival. (BERKELEY, CA, U.S.A) MARCH 7th, 2017 –  This time of year, everyone is getting ready to head down to Austin for  SXSW  ( South by Southwest ). It was during a recent trip to the famed festival that  Kevin Beadles  was inspired to pen his latest track, “ All Down for Austin .” The song is a country-flavored composition that showcases Kevin’s award-winning ability to pair hooky melodies with clever, entertaining storylines. “ All Down for Austin ” was written by Beadles and his lead guitarist,  John Foster . Th