Flashback: Batman the Animated Series

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Batman: The Animated Series is an American animated television series based on the DC Comics superhero Batman. Developed by Bruce Timm and Eric Radomski and produced by Warner Bros. Animation (now under Warner Bros brand via WarnerMedia), it originally aired on the Fox Kids network from September 5th 1992 to September 15th 1995 with a total of 85 action packed episodes (Cartoon Network and Kids WB via weekday/weekend syndication). For the final fifteen episodes, the series was given the on-screen title The Adventures of Batman & Robin, which was also used for reruns of earlier episodes. The series became the first spawning further animated TV series, feature films, comic books and video games with most of the same creative talent.
The series was praised for its thematic aesthetics, darker tone, artistic presentation, and modernization of its title character's crime-fighting origins. Wizard magazine also ranked it #2 of the greatest animated television shows of all time. TV Guide ranked it the seventh-greatest cartoon of all time. The widespread acclaim led the series to win four Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Animated Program.

NBA Rumors: Pelicans Reportedly Don't Want To Do Business With Lakers

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The New Orleans Pelicans already hit the jackpot Tuesday night. Now it's time for them to use their leverage.
By winning the NBA Draft lottery, New Orleans all but acquired Duke sensation Zion Williamson. Selecting him with the No. 1 overall pick gives vice president of basketball operations David Griffin a ton of leverage heading into the much-anticipated Anthony Davis negotiations this offseason.
Is Williamson enough to keep Davis in the Crescent City? Probably not, which means the trade rumors will continue.
The Pelicans getting the top pick definitely hurts Boston's chances at winning the Davis sweepstakes, but it appears the Celtics might have one less competitor this summer.
According to ESPN's Brian Windhorst, New Orleans does not want to do any business with the Los Angeles Lakers.
"The Pelicans do not want to do business with the Lakers, they just don't," Windhorst said on ESPN Radio LA's "Mornings with Keyshawn, LZ and Travis." "That's an easy position to take if they don't have something you really want. If the Lakers had won the lottery, we might be having a different conversation. But they did not win, and to make things worse, the Pelicans did."
New Orleans' lottery victory certainly throws a wrench into the offseason projections for Davis and the Pels, but it only will heighten the drama, which seems to already be there between these two clubs.
"I also think there's animus. There is absolutely animus," Windhorst said. "There is some some belief, whether it's true or not, that Anthony Davis' trade demand, which derailed this past season for the Pelicans, was Lakers-involved. … I would say there's probably going to be a cold war between these two teams for the foreseeable future."
Time will tell where Davis ends up, but it certainly sounds like the Lakers are a long-shot. If that's the case, it's great news for Danny Ainge and the Celtics front office.

WarnerMedia amusement faucets Kevin Brockman As EVP international Communications

Kevin Brockman wearing a suit and tie smiling at the camera 

Kevin Brockman has joined WarnerMedia enjoyment as EVP of world communications. Reporting to WarnerMedia leisure Chairman Robert Greenblatt, Brockman will oversee all company and content communications initiatives international across the enterprise's portfolio of networks and brands together with HBO, Cinemax, TBS, TNT and truTV as smartly as the upcoming WarnerMedia direct-to-customer streaming provider.
Brockman joins WarnerMedia after 22 years at the Walt Disney company, most lately serving as EVP of global communications for Disney | ABC tv group. In that position, he turned into responsible for all international communications efforts for ABC Studios, ABC leisure, ABC information, ABC-owned television stations, Freeform and Disney Channels international. before that, Brockman helped launch UPN. He started his career in tv at Fox.
"With more than 20 years of communications experience on the good of the tv trade, Kevin has a special skill for overseeing assorted manufacturers that connect audiences of all ages to the leisure that resonates with them," Greenblatt pointed out. "He will be a crucial a part of the terrific group I'm bringing collectively to aid launch our unique new streaming platform anchored through the top rate content material of HBO, Turner and Warner Bros."
Brockman is also generic for his work on the board of 2NDStage, a non-income theater group committed to finding new American playwrights. He in the past served for 2 years as chairman of TPEC, the television Publicity Executives Committee, and lately achieved an eleven-12 months board term with GLSEN, the nation's leading non-profit schooling firm concentrated on guaranteeing protected colleges for all students, above all those targeted because of their sexual orientation or gender identity/expression.

New Pokemon Mobile Game is on the way! Should be awesome!!!

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Another Pokemon mobile diversion is underway.

Japanese firm DeNA -  behind Mario Kart Tour and Super Mario Run - is taking a shot at a fresh out of the plastic new title dependent on the prevalent establishment with The Pokemon Company.

The title looks set to be discharged ahead of schedule one year from now.

Not exclusively is Detective Pikachu in films, yet there are likewise two different Pokemon games set to be discharged in "late 2019".

Nintendo and The Pokemon Company held an uncommon introduction for the famous amusement establishment prior this year, amid which they uncovered the two titles: Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

They are being discharged for the organization's half and half Nintendo Switch comfort and will be the primary principle diversions in the establishment to be discharged for the Switch after turn off recreations Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee - which were based around the Pokemon Go mobile application -  were propelled a year ago.

The new titles appear to speak to Generation 8 of the establishment, with the titles taking players to a totally different world named Galar - which seems to be comparable in appearance to the UK - with a large group of fresh out of the box new pocket beasts for players to get their hands on.

Just three animals were disclosed amid the introduction, being the three starter Pokemon that players get the opportunity to browse toward the beginning of the diversion.

They are a grass monkey named Grookey, a flame bunny named Scorbunny, and a water reptile, Sobble.

Very little else is given away in the trailer for the amusements, yet it appears pillars of the establishment, for example, irregular Pokemon experiences and mentor fights will stay, as will the as of late presented thought of keeping some more seasoned Pokemon in the diversion, as the trailer sees animals including Pikachu, Minccino, and Hoothoot, which are all from various ages.

There's additionally no definite discharge date for the diversions starting at yet.

Summer 74 The Saga of Star Wars Goes on!

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A tolerably lengthy timespan back … in a cosmic system suspiciously like our very own … a peculiar and engaging Maine-made funnies arrangement is occurring.

In it, a daring dealer named Hansel and his periphery jacketed, ambiguously cumbersome sidekick from another land, Chuey, race around the dusty spans of 1974 Barstow, California, in their custom van (the Bicentennial Falcon) so as to spare his rich sweetheart, Princess, from the underhanded intrigues of her politically goal-oriented dad, Dr. Wear Vaeder, who is in the thrall of the dim master of all the land, Richard Nixon. Goodness, and there's an innocent, experience looking for farmboy named Lucas in there, as well.

That is the set-up for "Summer of '74," a yearningly humorous and senseless realistic novel from Maine film maker and now comic book maker Scott Taylor. Taylor (who's delivered Maine executive Kyle Rankin's element's "The Witch Files" and "Night of the Living Deb," in addition to other things) is profound into making and arranging a rambling, suspiciously "Star Wars"- esque story of 1970s agitators, severe government types, quick vehicles, derring-do and more social references than you can shake a lightsaber at. For Taylor, the merging of political parody, satire and George Lucas' "Star Wars" universe is a fixation that is involved him for a long, long time.

Right in 2012, Taylor says he and his late companion Liam Scheff were talking "Star Wars," like two self-regarding "Star Wars" nerds do, when Scheff asked him, "What is 'Star Wars' the point at which you remove the space wizards and laser swords?" Naturally (to them both, at any rate), the appropriate response returned as a wide-going, freestyle reinterpretation of George Lucas' science fiction, mythic space musical drama of good and underhanded as a 1970s experience of cops, bootleggers, a malevolent president, shadowy corporate interest and the intermittent not recommended hike through time. The pair in the end transformed the majority of their transformative ruminations into a phase play called "Summer of '74" that played at Portland's PortFringe celebration. Presently, Taylor is proceeding with his voyage into unapproved spinoff experience with an arranged three-section (and past) realistic novel arrangement nearby Maine funnies craftsman Bob Tkacik.

Movie producer Scott Taylor has set up a Kickstarter crusade to fun his "Star Wars"- enlivened comic book, set in California during the '70s. Outline by Bob Tkacik

With Tkacik ("rhymes with enchantment," clarifies Taylor) giving energetic, clever life to the thoughts that have for some time been whooshing through his febrile creative ability, Taylor is arranging a December arrival of the primary volume of his adventure. With respect to why he went the comic book course, moviemaker Taylor was concise. "I didn't have $2 million for confirmation of idea." Fair enough. Be that as it may, while the independently published funnies position is increasingly affordable, it's not really free, which is the reason Taylor has taken his journey to the web based crowdfunding webpage Kickstarter.

With a hard due date for the win big or bust crusade infringing like a particularly moderate moving Star Destroyer (his $11,000 target must be come to by May 31), Taylor is sufficiently trusting of the science fiction dependable will jump on board his own redid "Star Wars" vehicle to help make his one of a kind dream an attractive reality. Clarifying that fan-financed Kickstarter is presently the third-biggest distributer of funnies (behind Marvel and DC) in the nation, Taylor calls the community oriented methodology it speaks to the initial step – as one Jedi ace once said – into a bigger world.

"I simply need it to continue onward," Taylor said. "These accounts simply give me euphoria. They've been in my mind for a long time, and now it's a great opportunity to get them out." As to why his specific "Star Wars"- meets-1970s-America milieu sounds good to him, Taylor focuses to "Star Wars" maker Lucas' adjustment of the legend making all inclusiveness expounded on by Joseph Campbell as his motivation. " 'Star Wars' characterized my adolescence," Taylor said. "It energized my mythic creative ability. Lucas drew from Campbell's idea of paradigms and superbly caught lightning in a container, with the majority of the legends of the past repackaged in a manner energizing and new to an age of children and youthful grown-ups." (For representation, Taylor follows "The Empire Strikes Back's" snow speeder tow links strategy back to J.R.R. Tolkien, at that point back to Hannibal's elephants.)

Furthermore, "Summer of '74's" setting enables Taylor to apply those equivalent great and abhorrence models to American history, a nervy marriage of motion picture references and the untidy, some of the time out and out Vader-esque maneuvers of an American government whose voracity doesn't generally agree with the fantasy of American exceptionalism. "The craft of parody implies taking something commonplace and including a little curve," said Taylor, indicating his Chuey's understanding as an exile from Guatemala as one keenly layered precedent. "Chuey's fled from the 1954 Guatemalan upset (driven by the CIA) to America. He has PTSD and self-sedates with cannabis, which is one reason why no one in the story can get him."

Yet, shouldn't something be said about that entire copyright circumstance, particularly since Lucas has sold his whole "Star Wars" universe to the tentatively malicious, without a doubt hostile realm that is Disney? Taylor, refering to the "reasonable use" tenet, says that his loving parody of both America and the "Star Wars" establishment won't cross paths with any squadrons of Disney legal counselors. "It's a remark on society and the source material itself," Taylor clarified. "Like Lucas did with individuals like Campbell, and Tolkien, and different sources, it's tied in with taking the prime examples and refining them." (Taylor likewise takes note of that his band of agitators will keep running into some other understood science fiction properties, similar to "Specialist Who" and "Back to the Future," en route.)

So in the event that you can't get enough "Star Wars" or think the perpetual strip-digging of Lucas' characters for somewhat frustrating spinoff films needs a peculiar, strong boost, at that point the "Mid year of '74″ is out there, simply hanging tight for your help. Furthermore, recall, help them – you're their solitary expectation.

Dennis Perkins is an independent author who lives in Auburn with his significant other and feline.

Petitions For New Batman?

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Only hours after declared previous Twilight star Robert Pattinson is relied upon to win the job of a more youthful Bruce Wayne in the Matt Reeves-coordinated The Batman, various petitions have surfaced planning to expel Pattinson from the Batcave.

One request argues to studio Warner Bros: "Don't commit the Batfleck error once more," refering to previous Batman star Ben Affleck, who left the job subsequent to featuring as petitions an endured wrongdoing contender in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad, and Justice League. The appeal is joined by a representation of Pattinson with "no" graffitied over his face.

Another urges similarly invested fans to upset Warner Bros.' plans, considering the throwing a "total joke" and "the most noticeably awful throwing ever" for the Dark Knight. A comparable appeal tries to "supplant Robert Pattinson as the new Batman," the supplication portrayed as "plain as day."

One more battles for the benefit of Call Me by Your Name star Armie Hammer, expressing, "To cast Robert Pattinson or anybody other than Armie Hammer now would be a joke."

Assortment solely detailed Thursday Pattinson is "top decision" for the job and that the arrangement is required to close in a matter of seconds.

Be that as it may, the arrangement isn't yet official, and Deadline noted Dark Phoenix star Nicholas Hoult is still in the running for the job close by detailed leader Pattinson. Hoult is said to be a most loved of Reeves and the studio.

The two stars top a waitlist that purportedly incorporates the 32-year-old Hammer, who has since quite a while ago denied he's been drawn nearer for the job regardless of a February report asserting he had been cast, and 28-year-old Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who prior featured 2014's Godzilla for the studio.

Whichever on-screen character wins the job will play a more youthful Bruce Wayne moderately new to his place as Gotham City's sworn defender in what has been portrayed by Reeves as a "point of view-driven, noir Batman story."

In March, Affleck said he's "looking forward" to seeing Reeves' Batman, disclosing to ET Canada, "They have an extraordinary chief. They're completing a sort of, I would prefer not to give away anything... be that as it may, they're completing a youthful variant, an all the more beginning adaptation with a more youthful person."

Microsoft and Sony kind cloud gaming and AI strategic partnership

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Microsoft and Sony are announcing an extraordinary partnership today, enabling both competitors to accomplice on cloud-primarily based gaming services. "the two organizations will explore joint building of future cloud solutions in Microsoft Azure to support their respective video game and content material-streaming functions," Microsoft mentioned in a statement. Sony's existing video game and content material-streaming functions will also be powered by Microsoft Azure sooner or later.
Microsoft says "these efforts will additionally consist of constructing superior construction systems for the content material creator neighborhood," which feels like both Sony and Microsoft are planning to associate on future services aimed toward creators and the gaming neighborhood. both corporations say they are going to "share additional info when available," however the partnership capability Microsoft and Sony will collaborate on cloud gaming. That's an attractive large deal, and it's a big loss for Microsoft's leading cloud rival, Amazon.
It additionally capacity Google, a new gaming rival to Microsoft and Sony, will miss out on hosting Sony's cloud features. Google unveiled its Stadia game streaming service past this 12 months, and the company will use YouTube to push it to the hundreds. Stadia is a danger to each Microsoft and Sony, and it seems like the organizations are teaming up so Sony has some underlying infrastructure suggestions to combat lower back. Stadia will move video games from the cloud to the Chrome browser, Chromecast, and Pixel instruments. Sony already has a cloud gaming carrier, however Microsoft is promising trials of its own xCloud gaming service later this year. Microsoft's gaming boss, Phil Spencer, has additionally promised the enterprise will "go big" for E3.
Alongside the cloud gaming and content material-streaming partnership, the pair of agencies will additionally collaborate on semiconductors and artificial intelligence (AI). this can encompass clever graphic sensor solutions that use Azure AI, and Sony using Microsoft's AI platform in its purchaser items.
"Sony has all the time been a pacesetter in both entertainment and technology, and the collaboration we introduced nowadays builds on this heritage of innovation," says Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. "Our partnership brings the power of Azure and Azure AI to Sony to convey new gaming and amusement experiences for customers."

expertise shares Lead Market greater despite one more Tesla Crash

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Tesla shares have been down after a third crash doubtlessly involving the business's Autopilot device occurred in March.
may sixteen, 2019 4 min read
Opinions expressed by means of Entrepreneur contributors are their own.
The U.S. economy continues to outdo expectations helping the inventory market push returned towards all-time highs set past this month.
Housing begins jumped 5.7 p.c to 1.235 million instruments last month, significantly bigger than anticipated and the labor market continued to show remarkable electricity. Jobless claims fell to 212,000 ultimate week versus estimates of 220,000, in line with facts from the Labor branch.
The stock indexes all had solid positive factors today. The Dow and S&P indexes were up 0.eighty four % and nil.89 p.c respectively while the Nasdaq Composite received 0.97 percent. The Entrepreneur Index™ closed the day up 0.ninety five percent with power throughout most sectors of the market.
After diving on Monday when China imposed retaliatory tariffs on American items, expertise stocks were on a roll with the FAANG shares main the manner. All four on the Entrepreneur Index™ were up these days with Amazon (1.87 %) and Alphabet Inc. (1.27 percent) rising probably the most. application makers Adobe methods Inc. (2.forty three p.c) and salesforce.com (2.21 percent) had the greatest positive factors within the sector.
The powerful economic statistics these days despatched pastime fees up modestly, helping banks and other fiscal shares. Capital One monetary, won 1.79 % and is now up 20.four p.c on the 12 months. Homebuilders additionally jumped on the housing begins quantity. D.R. Horton Inc. changed into up 2.07 percent.
Walmart delivered solid economic results this morning regardless of two weak months for U.S. retail income final quarter. The inventory become up greater than three percent within the morning but closed with a profit of 1.forty three %. equal keep income in the U.S. grew properly and Walmart beat earnings estimates by using ten %. It did leave out on revenues, blaming foreign money translation for vulnerable international earnings. The enterprise also warned that tariffs on chinese language produced goods would result in greater expenses for U.S. consumers.
the world's greatest retailer also talked about that shoes in particular would doubtless rise in fee due to the tariffs. That put a charge in shoemaker shares. under Armour Inc. became up 2.forty three p.c these days. Shares in the attire and shoemaker are up 23.eight p.c this year.
different good positive factors on the Entrepreneur Index™ covered Alexion prescribed drugs (2.33 %), oil and gas producer Hess Corp. (2.01 p.c) and Fedex Corp. (1.87 %).
Semiconductor chip-maker Analog gadgets had the biggest decline on the Entrepreneur Index™ these days, shedding 2.ninety six %. The enterprise has had a nice rebound this yr, rising 22 p.c. however, the escalation of change tensions has hit the chip sector currently. It appears that President Trump's announcement of a national emergency over threats to American know-how -- specially from China -- hit Analog gadgets' inventory nowadays. chinese language telecom company Huawei, a significant consumer of the enterprise, become positioned on the Bureau of trade and protection Entity checklist by means of the Commerce branch.
Tesla shares have been down 1.56 p.c after it was mentioned that a 3rd deadly crash probably involving the business's Autopilot device came about on March 1. Tesla's senior director of communications Dave Arnold additionally announced his departure from the company.
different enormous losses on the index nowadays covered retailer bed bathtub & beyond, down 1.64 %, and REIT Macerich enterprise, off 1.25 percent.
The Entrepreneur Index™ collects the proper 60 publicly traded businesses established and run via entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurial spirit is a advantageous asset for any enterprise, and this index recognizes its value, no count how a lot a company has grown.

Pop's Comeback Continues With Shawn Mendes, but Hip-Hop nevertheless rules Streaming

Image result for Pop's Comeback Continues With Shawn Mendes, but Hip-Hop nevertheless rules Streaming: Chart Beat Podcast

Welcome to the Billboard Chart Beat Podcast, where each and every week co-hosts Gary have faith and Trevor Anderson, from the Billboard charts branch, discuss why what's on the charts … is on the charts, whereas additionally looking at latest chart motion in a historical context for even superior insights.
This week, we recap Shawn Mendes' launch at a profession-top-quality No. 2 on the Billboard scorching 100's with "If I can't have you." His new chart heights mark the latest milestone for a star pop act in 2019, following Jonas Brothers' first hot a hundred No. 1, "Sucker"; Ariana Grande's 2d and longest-leading No. 1, "7 Rings"; BTS' maximum-charting hit, "Boy With Luv," featuring Halsey, and greater.
nevertheless, hip-hop continues to dominate streaming, and Haley Jones, director of radio, Nielsen song, and Jon Miller, vp of audience insights, Nielsen Audio, take part to analyze just how a long way ahead of different genres hip-hop has grown. among subject matters discussed: What hip-hop acts radio may are looking to believe taking part in more in accordance with their incredible streaming stats; how many of all hip-hop music streamed is latest vs. catalog; and, will ultra-modern hip-hop hits be remembered as classics years from now?
Gary, Trevor, Haley and Jon also muse about the state of the rhythmic radio layout (the middle ground between pop and hip-hop) and why many radio homeowners software classic rock over new option hits.
enjoy the newest Billboard Chart Beat Podcast and verify returned for additional upcoming episodes with artists, label executives, radio programmers and personalities, songwriters, producers and greater. And, to get hold of each episode automatically on your inbox, subscribe to (and cost) the Billboard Chart Beat Podcast on iTunes! Plus, the Billboard Chart Beat Podcast is also obtainable on Acast, Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Overcast, PocketCast, Podbean, Stitcher and TuneIn.

Ric Flair - Hospitalized in 2019

Ric Flair was rushed to a hospital Thursday morning after suffering a medical emergency; Flair was in the Atlanta area when something went wrong. The 70-year-old WWE legend was taken to the emergency room to be treated. 
Flair had a previous medical emergency back in 2017. He was placed in a coma for 11 days after his right intestine had ruptured on the verge of dying. 
his longtime girlfriend Wendy Barlow who stuck by his side had said "Ric had been doing great".
It's sad to find out days before the Money in the Bank PPV to hear Ric back into the hospital; this situation notably will motivate his daughter Charlotte Flair (known as Ashley Flehr in real life) in her title opportunity versus the dual women's champion, Becky Lynch

Lamar Odom - Admitting to Sex Addict Claims

 Lamar Odom has said he has slept with over 2000 people

Lamar Joseph Odom had split from Khloe Kardashian in 2014 after four years of marriage and about his affairs with regret he feels. Lamar has spoken candidly about his relationship with Khloe - who he had tied the knot with after one spiraling out of control month of marriage - in his memoir.
He wrote: "For a while, being with her was bliss and I was the happiest I've ever been. We were one of the most famous couples in Hollywood and we made more money together than we had individually".
Lamar has admitted of sleeping with 2,000 women, an alarming number for the average man; this is a astounding claim made by a former NBA Champion multiple times and under the influence of high potency drugs such as Cocaine. 
He has since then checked into Rehab and still is seeking for forgiveness from the Kardashian family for the things he regrets.

Wendy Williams - Getting her Groove Back

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National TV Show host Wendy Williams and Keeping Up with the Kardashians principal cast member Blac Chyna have been spotted together having lunch on Wednesday afternoon. These two were having a woman to woman conversation when the thoughts of dating came through the mind of Wendy who had just recently divorced from the show's executive producer Kelvin Hunter. 

Blac Chyna who has been infamous known for being in a relationship with Rob Kardashian was encouraging Wendy to give dating another try. Both women are entertainment personalities with a huge gap in age difference. Wendy is in her mid 50's while Blac Chyna is in her early 30's; the situation relative to Wendy's tv show, the news broke on Thursday's episode that aired on syndication stations and notably of Fox Television Stations in standardized format.

Wendy's contract for her talk show runs up to 2025 while Blac Chyna might be searching for new TV deals herself; the conversation of Wendy re-entering dating after a long standing marriage that was going downhill due to mistresses and unexpected pregnancies happening behind the talk show hosts back due to the infidelities of Kelvin... Wendy is in a happier place than she has ever been 

Super Mario Maker 2 - Building a Story

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Super Mario Maker 2 is looking like a substantial upgrade over the original build-your-Mario-game. Today during a Nintendo Direct video, Nintendo detailed a huge number of features coming to the Switch game, chief among them co-op play, so that you can build and design levels with another player on the same console. You’ll also be able to play through created levels online with up to four other people
The game will also include a range of new themes, including desert, winter, and forest; a brand new nighttime option that changes how certain aspects work; additional characters including Red Yoshi and Angry Sun; slopes, on/off switches, and custom scrolling for levels; a single-player story mode; and brand new music from longtime series composer Koji Kondo. Honestly, it’s a lot, so if you’re interested in the nitty gritty details, I’d recommend checking out the video above. Meanwhile, Super Mario Maker 2 will be launching on the Switch on June 28th.