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4TH ST., the ultimate album from Rian Music By Yami[English]

4TH ST. , the ultimate album from Rian Music  By Yami [English] The group led by Irish-American Rian Mac, Rian Music group and Record Label released their most recent production  4TH ST.  on March 26. The album was conceived with the energy and creativity caused by the sea breeze off the California coast. Rian Music has been inspired on this occasion by the vibrant sound of British singer-songwriter Peter Gabriel. The artist collective responds to a new concept of musical production. This process gives artists the possibility to work together based in different places.  4TH ST.  is the result of this musical experiment. The core members of this project are artists such as Rian Mac (vocals), James Gardiner (Producer and multi-instrumentalist) and Victor Campos (guitar). However, this production featured other musicians linked to Rian Music such as Kay Rayne, Flan, Yue, and Tehrah Love. 4TH ST  is a musical product that combines a great musical mixture. The phonogram includ

Chicago Rock With Stardusk Encounter

Chicago Rock With Stardusk Encounter Pop rock outfit Stardusk Encounter brandishes their own style of alternative pop with some edge. Their record titled  Everyone's Pretending  is certainly a powerful nod to various generations of rock music and all rolled into one. The record is made up of six songs and there really are no two the same. Still it comes through consistent and strong with a pop shine that gleams through its walls at all times. The tremendously fun "The Fuzz" is a jam session that features classic synthesizers, keys, and guitars that plays out almost like a film soundtrack. "Do What You Must" is more genuine rock n' roll. No matter where you start this record you stay a bit surprised. A wonderfully good time rock set. artist/2NuH4uiGD7gaamNNkAluLZ? si=3lAmDcWEQzewCaQ16PJ8yQ starduskencounter/ https://starduskencounter. starduske

Music Review Breathless – The Sidleys By Yami Cabrera

Music Review  Breathless  – The Sidleys   By Yami Cabrera [English] Music connects diverse people in different countries and continents in an incredible way. A song can unify experiences of human beings who never thought to associate. Today we see how music is also capable of uniting a family, and becoming the center of its strength. The Sidleys are an example to follow in this regard. This family has managed to build their history through the fascinating language of music. The composition and performance of this art has been the combining element between the couple Steve Sidleys and Annie Sidleys, and their sons Sean, Ian and Colin. The Sidleys over the years have formed a solid musical group. The band, since its creation in 2013 in Bethesda, Maryland, has already accumulated important albums such as  Bittersweet  (2013) and  The Love You Make  (2017). To this fabulous record career, The Sidleys add their most recent production,  Breathless . This album could be the phono

What is Happy Curmudgeons Band

Written by  Yami Cabrera The artist collective Happy Curmudgeons has been slowly releasing their second production  2nd Chances,  since the first single release in 2019. The Metro Detroit band has a short but profitable artistic career. So far, their catalog includes a 12-song phonogram titled  Meant 2 Be  (2017) and the first two singles from the upcoming second album. Happy Curmudgeons is made up of David Hamilton (lead singer and guitarist), Amy Dixon-Lavery (vocals), Jay “Tumbleweed” Burrs (harmonica and harp), and Jeff Warner (guitar). However, they have always had the collaboration of other excellent musicians such as bassists Takashi Iio and Keith Leonard; the drummer Rick Beamon; and the singer Marlow Ray Morgan. Otherwise, the group recurrently complements their productions with the professional gaze of musician and producer Mark Byerly, who apparently continues to work with the band on this next production. The band has been characterized for revealing a series

The new “Phases” of Aries Marquis By Yami Cabrera

[English] A dynamic and  spontaneous sound has always characterized the music of  Aries Marquis . The peculiar style  of this  songwriter  from  Baton Rouge, Louisiana has been recently materialized in his newest single, "Phases". Marquis, despite  his  efforts  for  not follow ing  the well-trodden paths  to fame, continues  work ing hard   to achieve a higher status in the music industry . This new song arises from   determination , and is  based on a love story experienced by Aries. "Phases" is the mix between Aries Marquis ´   musical influences , and his intentions to avoid the  genres  artistically known as popular music. In this song, it is inevitable to distinguish  the strong presence of stylistic elements from R&B, Soul, Electro music and Pop. Marquis has always made it clear that his music is nourished by artists such as Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Eric Benet, Justin Timberlake, Daryl Coley, D´   Angelo, etc. Therefore, the  existence  of