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Nice Try Kid Releases Attics

Nice Try Kid Releases  Attics  It's not hard to admit there are plenty of new songs being released with the world in quarantine. Sometimes that can go either way of course. One thing is for sure,  Attics , the newest album from Nice Try Kid, is a tremendous and almost timeless pop-punk record. They might want to change their name to something like Great Job Kid. Reason being is  Attics  is everything you'd want, but more than you'd expect from a band. This is obviously a heartfelt piece of work and really helps this group put their stamp on the genre. Inventive and incredibly solid from beginning to end. try-kid https://nicetrykid.bandcamp. com/album/attics-2020 artist/2fg3Vcrt15Y5rDSPFnnZgz NiceTryKid NiceTryKid/

The emerging music of Paul.0c

The emerging music of Paul.0c By Yami Cabrera [English] The Singer/Songwriter Paul.0c appears in 2020 with attractive productions. Paul is just beginning his professional career in the music world. His starting point seems to be the three singles released this spring "So Loud," "Alone Tonight," and "Common Ground."  "So loud" was their first release in March. This single exposes exotic and unique melodic twists that support Paul's vocal power. The lyrics of the song appear as a freedom call for the artist, revealing his decision to start his career before it is too late. "Alone Tonight" is a song much more inclined to his influences of rock music. The harmonic accompaniment of the piano complements the vocal movement developed by Paul. The guitar riff and the rhythmic strength of the drums are its greatest attractions. The most recent of his singles is "Common Ground," a nostalgic song with a lot of soul. Pa

Alien Neighborhood

Alien Neighborhood One man band Alien Neighborhood rocks hard with an aggressive and insanely fun alternative rock record  Walk Into The Fire.  Blistering rock energy, catchy choruses, and amore than solid backbone, Alien Neighborhood doesn't fail to impress. Jaden William who plays all instruments and records all material himself is in touch with the guts it takes to really push the envelope without borders. Our favorite is the song "Walk Into The Fire" but we figure if you love one song, you'll love them all. We sure did. Rock hard with Alien Neighborhood on  Spotify  or  Bandcamp !  Get in touch on  Facebook  or  Instagram . 

Music Review “Check it out ya`ll” - Funktastic Players

Music Review “Check it out ya`ll” - Funktastic Players  By Yami Cabrera  ( ) [English] The music brand, Funktastic Players of Maryland, USA, is promoting their newest production “Check it out y'all Remix.” The band is led by music producer David Williams and focused on unveiling a different sound for both, this song and the style of urban music. Funktastic Players is a new artistic project that aims to promote a modern musical fusion. They combine classic Funk sounds with elements of modern American Hip Hop. The brand is focused on their music reaching a diverse audience, but close to the environment of instrumental Jazz-Funk. “Check it out y'all Remix” is an attractive mix of different sounds from musical genres such as Jazz, Soul, Funk, and Rap. The song reveals the musical taste of each musician involved in the recording. The funky groove of the drums, the bass, and the guitar give the track a very pleasant and peculiar sound. The ja

"Fainting Couch" by Himmelstarr

If you feel the need for some vintage alternative pop, look no further. Himmelstarr is here for you. The new "Fainting Couch" single spews 80's synthesized hooks and a bopping beat that gets you moving. Seriously try not to dance to this song. You just can't. This is a party track all the way through and through. Guitars swell and the vocals bend. The song feels nice and full, satisfying and fun. Take a good hard listen to "Fainting Couch" along with their portrayal of  "Pictures Of You" by The Cure at their  Bandcamp  page. himmelstarr/ himmelstarr

Music Review of “Music”- Sarah Shoumer

  Music Review of “Music”- Sarah Shoumer By Yami Cabrera  [English] Music has the ability to transmit positive energy and good vibes to everyone who needs it. The uncertainties of these recent times require a positive and hopeful musical support. Young Philharmonic singer/songwriter Sarah Shoumer is aware that this message should be strongly defended. This seems to be the main reason of her upcoming single “Music”.  The 15-year-old singer and multi-instrumentalist will be releasing her most recent production on July 17th with various online streaming platforms. Currently it is possible to save a pre-release of the song on Spotify and Apple Music. "Music" is an example of the pop style Sarah has developed during her musical career. This single shows evidence of the musical aspects that come from her artistic influences such as Alessia Cara, Kelsea Ballerini and Taylor Swift. The music is motivating and energetic.  It is quite surprising how Shoumer combines her pop