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Juzt Nutz "Chicago's Most Dangerous Rock Group" !

   Hot off the press and ready for you to undress   Juzt Nutz new release "Sexy Lingerie" is hotter than a "4- alarm fire".  If you don't know that,  then all we can say is that you have not heard it......yet !!!!! Catch Sexy Lingerie on every radio station thats bold enough to play it and believe us when we say.....we're JUZT getting started !    Juzt Nutz   "Chicago's Most Dangerous Rock Group" ! Just hot off the press and ready to go, the Smash Hit by Blue Oyster Cult  "Godzilla" !!!!!! Real Musicians ...playing Real Music....on Real Instruments....thats what Juzt Nutz has been about for years. With comparisons that poised us between Aerosmith and James Brown to Frank Zappa meets the new "Black Van Halen" , and Hailed as  " Chicago's Most Dangerous Rock Group" . We've grown with the times and have added a few extra textures because staying relavent is just as important as maintaining our groove. So look

Shocks Band Blends Pop and Jazz in “One Hit Wonder” Album

  Shocks Band Blends Pop and Jazz in “One Hit Wonder” Album FLAGLER BEACH - The term “one-hit wonder” usually refers to an artist that has a hit and never releases another single to reach the previous song’s popularity. That is not the case for Shocks Band and their latest album, “One Hit Wonder.” The ten-track LP is packed full of fan-favorite original songs written and performed by Eric Whitman.  “There really wasn’t anything new out in 2020 and 2021,” explained Eric Whitman. “So, I figured this was a good time for me to do an album because, with the pandemic, I was stuck home. So, I wrote all the songs.” “One Hit Wonder” is 100% studio work compared to the Shock Band’s 2011 album, “A Dedication to Alan Zill,” containing live tracks.  Mixing pop music with some New Orleans style jazz, Whitman’s latest album hits all the right notes and gains popularity on streaming platforms and CD sales. While many fans enjoy the ease of streaming music, the “One Hit Wonder” CD is unique with its ha

Exclusive Interview with WNY Johnny

  Where are you from and could you tell us a little bit of your upbringing?           Born and Raised in Rochester, New York; inner City; Northwest side. Black American cultured; working class two-parent household. High school graduate; Associates Degree, Bachelor’s Degree; currently enrolled in Graduate School. Young Black Male; Born in the inner city and loved School.           Now in my early thirties; Wife and two sons. I believe in Family and Education, and Hip-Hop music of course. I’m a Young Black Father from the city; with a Wife and Kids; pursuing to be a Certified Teacher who still has a passion for Hip-Hop Music.     What genre of music do you make and when did you first decide to be a musician?            I write and record Hip-Hop/Rap Music. I arrange and compose my beats as well; such as “Big Boss”.     I’ve been writing Hip-Hop lyrics since my adolescence but just began trying to turn it into an Indie Career.             Who are some of the notable artists and people tha