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Onslaught The MC is #Flyah


Alphia Reisenauer is #Flyah

  The After Hours Project ( ) started out as a simple dream. Alphia Reisenauer wanted the songs in her head to come to life. She took one of her songs to Garrett Hobson at Sound Productions of Tularosa and had him produce it. Garrett convinced her that she needed to produce more than one. He contended that if people liked her music they would want to hear more of it. She agreed and brought more to the studio. Her dream grew with every song and took flight. She found people along the way that joined in her endeavor. Darrell Hall and Barbie Gibson co-wrote the words and some of the music to "Whisky Wind," Jayme Berry played the Keyboard for "Turnaround," and Ed Barraza joined in on the djembe for "Disqualified." Ronnie Brockett sang lead vocals and Donnie Burt and Barbie Gibson sang backup vocals. Garrett Hobson played lead guitar and bass. It was coming together. Garrett asked her what she would like to call

John Kline is #Flyah

Guitarist and multi-instrumentalist John Kline's sixth release and 5th full-length album includes  guest performances by Michael Arata, Alan Renkl, Tom Thomas, and Andy Gavin. Melodic and   progressive with positive energy and guitar shenanigans. Doctor John Kline is a Clinical Psychologist in private practice in Mobile, AL. Positive energy, guitar shenanigans, and cute dogs... Can it get any better than this? Well, yes, but this is still pretty darned cool! Clinical Psychologist John Kline teams up with some of Mobile AL's finest local musicians, as well as Andy Gavin from Sweden for some of the tracks, and on others, multitracks them himself. The Doctor (or just "Doc") named his multitrack studio, called "the guiTARDIS," after the time traveling space alien who named himself "The Doctor." Travel in time and space while you relax and listen to some pretty darned good guitar-oriented music... But ther

Piqued Jacks rock n roll #Flyah

  Piqued Jacks describe their sound in their own words: “being able to speak without impediment; having sex in the most intense way possible; expressing ourselves 100%”. You have to hear it to experience it for yourself. Piqued Jacks are brave souls. Rising from a small village in Italy , they have methodically made their way from obscurity to Austin , the heart of the indie music scene, performing 2 showcases at SXSW 2013. Their powerful alliance and headstrong vision has resulted in rapid success and the positive flow of their career indicates a confident band gaining serious momentum. Back in 2006, the Piqued Jacks were anything but serious. They causally acquired the band name after someone drops a bass during rehearsal. The damaged jack resembled an erect penis and the boys felt the sexual allusion suited their sound. A few years later, something clicked, a unified connection to the music making process, and from 2010 to 2011 they released two

Crimson Sun is #Flyah

  Crimson Sun formed in 2010 and released their first CD, "Off The Grid," in 2011. The band performed for PBS "Music Spotlight" and were included in the "Best of Music Spotlight" program. Their latest CD, "New Mexico," is an eclectic blend of blues rock with some folk and country influence. Singer-songwriter Lionel De Leon is a southern California transplant who performed at the Los Angeles Songwriters Showcase and who's songs were aired on local radio showcases in the 1980s. The Land of Enchantment's Crimson Sun has released their second CD, titled "New Mexico" in homage to their state. An eclectic blend of original songs, this blues-rock based band consists of singer-songwriter-guitarist Lionel De Leon, drummer Vic Tomaso, guitarist Bruce Bos, bassist Brenda Bos and keyboardist-vocalist Joie De Leon. If you're a fan of classic rock, you might be interested in this music.

Garth is #Flyah

  Garth’s music is a mixture of his influences and life. Born in the UK, he spent his early childhood in Africa and Fiji before his family settled in Australia, where he eventually worked his way as a song writing bass player through a variety of Australian bands. He has also toured and performed in America and Europe, playing at venues such as CBGB's, The Roxy, The House of Blues and Irving Center to name a few in the bands Ether and TOFOG. The EP begins with “Altitude,” which has a Brit Pop feel with a big harmony vocal chorus and some twinkly piano in the middle eight. The second track, “Overseas Highway,” is as it’s title suggests about the amazing road that goes over the ocean down to the Florida Keys. It was co-written with Shannon Wheeler whose family lives down that way and basically reflects a little bit of her homesickness. The third track, “Here Where you Are,” is  a quite spare track in the beginning with only guitar and vocals and then ends

Vadim Zhukov's is #flyah

VADIM ZHLUDOV, Russian, 52, living in Budapest, Hungary, is „two in one” type of person: he works  half of week in his own law office in the city as lawyer ( Company Law and Property ) and half of week in his home studio, writing instrumental music. He hase taken his first step to writing music in 1994 in Germany, when he saw the first synthesiser in his life, Korg M1. It was love at first sight. Korg M1 followed by Korg Triton, Yamaha Motif ES8 and Nord Stage 88. Yamaha Motif  ES8 and Nord Stage 88 are still the main instruments he uses in his home studio. Since the first day he uses Cubase from Steinberg as music editing software. Music of Vadim Zhludov can be defined as „tune-focused music for easy listening”. Some of his friends are listening his music while runing or working in their office, some of them use his music for their home videos.   Vadim Zhludov relaesed his self-published debut album „Day One” in 2011.  He attended an International Songwrit

I Got Both IGB is #Flyah

I Got Both IGB are a LA-based street wear brand inspired by the urban culture that surrounds us. There team of artists comes from all over the world to create original designs that reflect the beautiful, complicated duality of life for people bold and brave enough to rise above a world of absolutes. There’s no right or wrong, love or hate, good or bad. There’s always both, and when you get that, you’ve got it all. IGB - I Got Both -

Dylan Leonte is FLYAH

formerly on TV show "the big 4-0", and YouTube prankster with over 1.5 million views on his new viral YouTube video "Coke Prank On Cops" Hard Rock artist- Dylan Leonte is creating a song with well known Pop/R&B singer, and actor- Nathan Davis jr and YouTube star, Singer/Songwriter with over 3 million Facebook likes- Khalil Underwood. Their new song is creating a lot of buzz, and conversation. If you want to keep updated on what they're doing and check them out, you can follow their social medias- Instagram: @dylanleonte @nathandavisjr @realkhalilu