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Hunnit Andretti is Flyah

Hunnit Andretti is a producer/songwriter hailing from the east side of Detroit, Mi. he is also 1/4 of the production collective CloudCatchers. while mostly focusing on production for local & major artists, he also writes ,engineers, & records his own music in his free time. Hunnit Andretti might not be the richest, but after a quick listen he will definitely leave you feeling like he's one of the more authentic artist of today ! The track M.O.B. Removes the grey area, & gives us a clear cut view of what's in his crosshairs & what isn't over a dark, mellow, smoked out track put together by fellow cloudcatcher illuminati G ! Hunnit Andretti x iLLuminati G "MOB" (Prod by iLLuminati G) Twitter @hunnitsworld313 @illuminati__g Instagram @hunnitsworld @illuminati__g

Louis Batey is Flyah

Louis Batey,  is a talented Songwriter/Solo Artist. He writes all of his own original compositions (Music and Lyrics, Vocal and Instrumental), in an interesting variety of genres, which includes: Pop, Chart-Pop, Soul/R&B, Dance (House, Electronic), Adult Contemporary. He performs all Lead/Backing Vocals on all of his recorded compositions. Also, he writes his lyrics in different languages:  English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Greek, which makes him potentially-marketable to an International Music Audience and also, to an International Music Industry. Louis is currently writing songs (Vocal and Instrumental), for placement in films, TV, radio, adverts/jingles, video games, Multi-Media, or for other artists to perform and record.


THE GREATEST BAND NEVER HEARD! Chasing Colors are all original members of the 1980s and early 1990s Minneapolis, Minnesota original rock band ,The Colour. The band released their first ever CD and Digital Album EP available to the public July 18th 2015 and have achieved success getting radio airplay, impressive music reviews and are gaining many new fans. The band has renamed themselves, Chasing Colors...So much more appropriate as they are still reaching for their musical dreams!! Chasing Colors back in the day were compared to The Cure, U2 and even The Cars. Surprisingly, Louie Paretta (Lead Vocals/Guitar), David Wagner (Bass/Vocals), David E. Paquette (Drums/Vocals) and Scott Patton (Lead Guitar/Vocals) have written and professionally recorded original songs all throughout their careers but were never able to get past handing out their cassette demo tapes out to fans at live shows. They had a good shot with a record deal when local talk radio host


** BRAND NEW SINGLE FROM THE LONDON BAND ‘ET TU BRUCÉ’ ** Et Tu Brucé  are a Four piece band hailing from Hanwell in West London playing harmony laden Rock, Pop and Folk Music, comprising of Jamie White (Guitar/Vocals) / Siôn Hewitt (Guitar/Vocals) / Darryn Bruce (Bass) and his brother Craig on Drums. Their triumphant debut album  ‘Suburban Sunshine’  was named record of the week by influential music critic,  Jim Farber , in the  New York Daily News , leading to the band being invited to  SXSW  to play a showcase performance for the  Yahoo!  Austin Psych Fest, securing a record deal with  SonaBLAST!  for  ‘Suburban Sunshine’ , and an invite from the legendary  Zombies  to open their next American tour. Et Tu Brucé  toured North America with  The Zombies  over two tours and three months, playing such celebrated venues as  The Troubadour  in Hollywood and at the world’s largest music festival,  Summerfest  in Milwaukee. The group played their own headline show

J metro is back with another one ''Slow Motion''

New record “Slow Motion”, from J Metro touches on domestic abuse and violence in relationships that many face everyday. Giving lyrics that star the only thing left to do is leave, tells a message to anyone going through the problems of abuse in a relationship. The concept comes from a place where many speak on arguments that lead to physical altercations and sometimes more. If left the option to leave instead of act it would be best to leave.  Summed up in four mins, J Metro has made his latest hit record! Produced by Rueben Wood the record embodies an ambient feel and fluorescent sound sending its message to the listeners brain in a way that takes you on a brief journey. Focusing on conscience issues that everyday people deal with  Metro’s new direction with his new album will truly wow critics and spectators.  If music wasn’t enough Metro has now launched his own Non-Profit Moore’s Cultural Artis & Music Foundation. The foundation will help indie acts get the funding

Soul Desire Announces New Booking Slots For 2016

For Immediate Release:- UK Based Soul Tribute Band Soul Desire Announces New Booking Slots For 2016 Having been in the business for more than 10 years, UK based soul tribute band known as Soul Desire is now set to travel all across England to play exciting gigs. The band has made a name for itself due to the quality of the music and is now also ready to play private events like weddings etc. Bringing back the nostalgic sounds of 1960s and 70s, UK based soul tribute band Soul Desire has had a very successful past year. Now that 2016 has started, the band has released information on new and upcoming gigs and booking slots. Having been established for more than 10 years, the band has made many fans across UK and has played on many events, corporate and private both. “We wanted a soul band for our celebration but this was really special! I have no hesitation in recommending that you book Soul Desire to play at any event,” stated a happy client in a testimony of t

Will Sims with the Amber Eyes

Baltimore-based alternative rock and pop artist, Will Sims, creates themes that focus strongly on both romantic and social relationships, and the difficulties faced in our modern society.  His rich, powerful music reaches out to connect on a personal level while still maintaining infectious components that make his songs stick in your head. Sims’ music echoes the work of the 90's alternative rock movement by incorporating various genres of music as a palette to paint different styles of imagery into his music. The vocal styles of Rob Thomas are woven into his work, which are vocal melodies that both compliment, and are complimented by, the music.  The diversity of his voice allows him to traverse from high energy, Foo Fighters-esque rock songs, to soft, Goo Goo Dolls style ballads that reach for deeply buried emotions. His songs also have a grand scale to them, built to fill arenas in a similar scale to that of a U2 or Oasis anthem. Through his music, Sim

Stone Driver has Landed on Flyah

Stone Driver is a second act for all of us.  Individually we'd each played in various bands and lineups (including our drummer in some well established acts like the Whirlies and Everclear), but eventually moved on into more conventional career pursuits. So we went on to become a soldier, a diplomat, a scientist and a pharmacist, but emerged from these endeavors (and from far flung places like Yemen, Pakistan and Afghanistan), finding music again, and each other to become Stone Driver. Listen to any songs from our vast catalog of original material and you will find each of our respective--and diverse--influences. Rock, indie, college, blues, classic, are all present. But our collective sound is a thing we call Space Grunge. We love to bring the audience in close with hook and then knock them over with a crushing turnaround of power chords and driving rhythm. We put on a great live show and have a lot of fun with the crowd. More than anything, we want to tak

Nine lies to Nine Lives

The new album and long awaited follow up to the critically acclaimed debut Behind it All, ' 9 Lies ' is available worldwide from today. Buy it online at  iTunes ,  Amazon ,  HMV ,  Google Play   and usual outlets on CD and digital download worldwide.  ( Reviews ) Stevie Mann said "It’s been a long time coming. We have had stacks of EPs and singles as you know, but this is our first actual album since Behind It All and we are super excited. It’s an eclectic collection of tunes with themes I couldn’t even have dreamt of writing about or seeing if it hadn’t been for the past few years touring. From the get go with 'Take Me Away' with its Epic, moody intro followed by deep dark guitars and mystical dark male vocal, you know this is going to be a serious album. It doesn't just deal in stories of the heart or negativity, far from it, with tracks such as 'We R1' which has a positive "WE CAN DO IT!" vibe. It’s essentially a Drivi

Jon Scott Has a Heart of Gold

A man of many talents and a passion that rivals his fiery hair. Jon Scott has been a singer,musician and songwriter nearly his entire life. Jon's love for music began  at the age of four.As a child he knew that if he accomplished nothing else in his life, it would be ok as long as he could sing. Growing up in a religious family,Jon began singing in the church. Scott plays drums ,bass, keybord and guitar. But what woos the audiences every time is the soulful texture of his voice the ease with which he delivers the most complicated  of songs and the arresting manner he is able to interpret the most simplistic of songs. Jon is also influenced by Stevie Wonder and cites him as a inspiration.

Heather is a Scarlett Rose

Heather Scarlett is an award winning singer-songwriter in Austin, Texas. A graduate from the Berklee College of Music in Boston, she has won both First Place in Blues and Honorable Mention in Rock in the West Coast Songwriter’s Competition in 2009 and 2010 respectively. Her music has been written about in Computer Music Magazine, and dozens of local magazines across the country. Her music has also received airplay on college radio stations nation wide, as well as been featured in dozens of music blogs internationally. Heather Scarlett has joined up with several bands over the years including The Heather & Ben Show, Gold Band, Stealing Earth, White Roses and the Captain Wolf Band. She has released several albums with these bands. More recently she has released two albums, California  and  Boundless , under her solo project Heather Scarlett Rose.  Heather Scarlett tells stories in her songs. Stories of love, friendship, social and political events. She

Film at SLCC’s Grand Theatre features Utah black activists

The documentary “Black Social Change in Utah: Preserving the Story” will be shown Jan. 19, 7 p.m. at  Salt Lake Community College’s  Grand Theatre, 1575 S. State Street, on the South City Campus in Salt Lake City. The film, which will also show Jan. 15, 6:30 p.m. at Rowland Hall, looks at how social change agents, particularly black activists living in Utah, maintain hope in the face of adversity. Stories and histories from members of Utah’s Black community were filmed, recorded and combined into a compelling documentary format by SLCC TV and Marian Howe-Taylor, SLCC manager of Community Outreach and Strategic Initiatives. “The film was developed because the black community is an important thread of Utah’s tapestry, but the stories of the black community in Utah are not widely known,” said Howe-Taylor. “By incorporating history, human rights, social change, and the human experience into a multi-disciplinary form, we seek to provide greater understanding of the Utah black e


PHOURIST (for-rist) & THE PHOTONS began as Nick Hill's solo project (known then only as PHOURIST). After a few solo records; Terrestrial Daydream and Breathe Deep ( highly textured , cinematic records ), Hill became restless for a larger sound. He is quoted as saying, "Having only one guy to play all the parts is pretty limiting; especially if you can hear so much more in your head! I was also getting tired of being the guy who played pretty music... I love pretty music but I felt like I had more to give... kinda wanted to kick in some teeth." With an arsenal of songs that had no proper outlet; Hill went through countless lineup changes. It wasn't until a friend of his father's recommended Scott Boice as a potential drummer that the current incarnation of the band began to take shape. Boice's firm grasp of dynamics and uniquely instinctual style of playing lent itself perfectly to the path the music was headed. Right as Boice joined the band; the

Valley Of Kings Soulful Rock Band

Valley Of Kings are a very powerful, soulful Rock band from the heartland of East Sussex, made up of frontman songwriter and producer Dar.Ra, Aiden Purdey and Rory Purdey   Dar.Ra has graced the UK national charts and dance charts with two top 40's and two number one dance records with acts signed to EMI, BMG, Festival Records (Australia) plus remixed legends like Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Tears 4 Fears, Urban Harmonix ft Rachel Brown (Faithless, Groove Armada) and many others along the way.  His first solo album Soul Hours released in 2010 made album of the week of Spain's Heart FM as well as received support from BBC Radio, playing to over 1 million people in one on air live show. Dar.Ra owns and runs the Kusha Deep Music label with a amazing array of music , which has been featured in Hollywood movies Snakes On Planes, Beauty And The Briefcase starring Hilary Duff, City Of Hope documentary plus on BBC TV Match Of Day and other UK TV shows.   He als

Smart Scott is Flyah

Smart Scott is a Manhattan born electronic musician/photographer/filmmaker based out of Queens, New York. His style brings fourth a fresh and updated take on early 80’s electronic music, movies, games, and culture. His  tumblr   and  website   is where his art can be viewed. Through Scott’s eyes and ears we experience a 21st century “Modern Wild Style”.  Follow on Instagram:  @smartscott Follow on Twitter:  @lovesmartscott