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The Edgy Alternative Pop Rock of Sugar Lunch

The Edgy Alternative Pop Rock of Sugar Lunch Yes, we said Sugar Lunch and the best part is, the music is as good as you want a band called Sugar Lunch to actually sound. There's no putting your finger on any exact genre per say but the record has it's own undoubtedly fun brand of pop. The first single "Luv", surely hits that acoustic alternative rock vibe and is incredibly honest in it's own way. Thing about it is, once the song is over, you find yourself wanting to groove to it again. There is a rebellious teenage feeling about it. Like someone that shaves their head out of spite for what their parents said. The track is followed by "Medicine", which is far more 80's indie pop with a great bite to it. "Upholstery" is next up and has a light creepiness to it but still the pop persists and you find yourself digging the song and it's alt rock glory quite a lot. The "Ticks" EP keeps going in these directions but alwa

Inside the wild world of ‘Love & Hip Hop,’ where the line between reality and fantasy is blurred

A dozen production crew members are crowded into a narrow corridor at SIR Rehearsal Studios in Hollywood when "Love & Hip Hop" star Ray J and his wife and costar Princess Love Norwood arrive with their 18-month-old daughter, Melody. A makeup artist gets to work on the stars as a series producer briefs them on the scene they are about to shoot. A production assistant slides a monitor on my ear so I can hear what happens once a director cues the couple, who are dressed in matching black ensembles. "Give me something interesting!" a voice echoes in my ear. "This is the last show." The scene for the season finale of the hit docu-series "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" is a rather innocuous one compared with the couple's past — like the time an argument over infidelity ended with Ray J shoving Princess Love into a pool. Today the cameras are rolling as the R&B singer and reality TV veteran ("For the Love of Ray J," "A Family

Acoustic Alt-Rock With Wes Hampson

Acoustic Alt-Rock With Wes Hampson Songwriter Wes Hampson puts all his grunge rock influences in one place with his   Uncertainty   album release. A clear variety of alternative rock, grunge, and acoustic rock come through nice and heavily without getting too heavy. The record for the most part is acoustic guitar driven and while the cleanliness of the sound is crisp and clear, that classic alternative edge hasn't gone anywhere. With instrumental guitar shorts scattered throughout the release, it's clear where Hampson's passion lies. Opening up with one of the more addicting tracks "Temptation", the track is high energy and extremely melody driven. This is a great feel and serves as a staple to the sound of the record as a whole. This album is something great to sit and soak in while it also gives the thought of how good it would be to see these songs performed live. An excellent display of  powerful and aggressively melodic songwriting while bei

John Moore And Missing Star push the musical Limits! -Flyah Review

John Moore And Missing Star  are coming out of Buffalo New York, with  a n inspiring sound and a new musical project combining Band Members   Tom Robinson on the bass, Steve Ryder on Guitar, Joe(Mojo) Mergler on the keys, Shannon Street on percussion and lead Vocalist and guitarist, John Moore.  John Moore brings with him a loyal following and an already impressive list of musical achievements , including penning the song   “ Shelter Me, ”  for the soundtrack album to the movie Lonestar State Of Mind ,  featur ing  John Mellencamp , as frontman for the NewYork based band 53 Days. Upon listening to the New Single , World’s On Fire, I was immediately sucked in both by the blaring guitars and John Moore ’ s inviting voice. The  “ Beatles-esque, ” “ On Your Way, ”  sounds like a jam session of the greats ,  minus Lennon ’ s signature sound or perhaps even Mc C artney ’ s songwriting ,  although John Moore  certainly holds  his own . The song  “ Work It Out, continues to deliver wi

Check out Lady Loe, She’s a Great hip hop MC

  LADY LOE (Female  Hip Hop Artist ) Lorraine Lynch , branded by her stage name  Lady LOE,  is an American female Rap/Hip-Hop  artist born in Brooklyn, and bred in Queens, New York.  Lady LOE is quickly emerging as one of the most prominent seasoned female  rap artist s  the world has yet to see .  "Good West Coast feeling song. Lyrics are good and flow is great for this song." -  Steve Raze (,  song entitled "Drinks on da House" Lady LOE’ s parents influenced her initial interest in music.  “   My parents liked the oldie but good ies  so I began to rap over old school  soul  music.  That era in my life made me distinguish the true meaning of hip hop.”  The major artists that persuaded her career ch oice were female rap artists “Queen Latifah”, and “ Lady  Rage” as well as legendary icons Jay Z, Alicia Keyes, Neyo, and R Kelly.  Studying the craft of those mentors ,  Lady LOE writes a myriad of songs that entail the  many journeys

Tay-K Indictment #Breakingnews

Already convicted and sentenced for one, Tay-K has now been indicted on a second capital murder charge, the Texas district attorney’s office states. Rapper born Taylor McIntyre, was charged for the shooting and killing of Mark Anthony Saldivar, 23, during a robbery in April 2017. The B exar County District Attorney’s Office  states Tay-K was 16-years-old at the time he shot the victim. On the first conviction, Tay-K was sentenced to 55 years in prison. The hat conviction was for the murder of 21-year-old Ethan Walker during a home invasion robbery in July 2016. He currently is in the Bear County Jail waiting on the second trial. For the crime, he was placed on house arrest but fled to New Jersey where he was captured, all while riding the wave of his hit song “The Race,” which was an ode to his dash across the country.

Spike Lee to Direct ‘Prince of Cats,’ Legendary’s Hip-Hop Take on ‘Romeo & Juliet’

After wrapping his Vietnam veteran drama Da 5 Bloods, Oscar winner Spike Lee has signed on to direct Legendary's Prince of Cats, which is described as a hip-hop take on William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet, Collider has confirmed. Bbased on the graphic novel written and illustrated by Ron Wimberly, the film will be set in the 1980s hip-hop scene and tell the classic star-crossed love story from the perspective of Juliet's angry cousin, Tybalt, whose underground sword fights with the rival Montague clan in Da People's Republic of Brooklyn blossoms into a vibrant world fueled by music and dance. Selwyn Seyfu Hinds, who is the former editor-in-chief of The Source magazine, wrote the initial screenplay, and Lee will consult both Hinds and Wimberly as he embarks on a rewrite of the script. Janet and Kate Zucker of Zucker Productions will produce the film, which Legendary executives Jon Silk and Ali Mendes will oversee on behalf of the company. The project onc

Uh Oh and the Oh Wells Pure Bread Classic Rock

Uh Oh and the Oh Wells Pure Bread Classic Rock Quite the name isn't it. Uh Oh and the Oh Wells may be a misleading band name for these guys as their self titled album is an excellent effort and a vivacious entry into the world of indie rock. Now, there are more than a few indications that this band takes a lot from classic rock bands of yesterday and that shows in their southern rock guitars and vocals. However, the album also brings in a lot of todays folk and indie rock along with it. This is a refreshing record amidst an ocean of rock bands out there. Notable songs are "Tumbleweeds", "Late or never", and "Where's The Door". All full of life and  love of rock music as well as a clear love for their instruments. Tracks are indulgent, fun, and pure while the album as a  whole is a damn good time. Fans of folk and classic rock will love this release.   https://uhohandtheohwells. uhohandth

Stones in Pockets brings Indie Classic by the name of “Intercom”

"Stones in Pockets is an alternative rock band from Brooklyn, NY. They describe their style as alternative world music with a core inspire by 90's grunge unplugged .   The band released its album, "Intercom", in July 2019 to drop its unique footprint in the musical clay of alternative rock and a follow-up EP, "Sanctuary", gave birth in October 2019.  The band lays bare before you with these 2 contributions and plays to jumpstart your dormant memories alive again of what made unplugged special to you. Stones in Pockets – “Intercom” Album Review Stones in Pockets recently released their debut album “ Intercom ” to the masses which draws inspiration from several places. The band would describe their sound as alternative world music with a core rooted in grunge. This description was spot on and apparent as soon as the first song started to play. The lead singer (Neil) has a captivating voice that draws you in from the beginning.