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Legendary hip-hop duo Salt-N-Pepa to headline Famously Hot New Year concert

© Provided by Columbia WIS TV The legendary Grammy-award winning group is known for their Billboard chart-topping singles "Shoop" and "Whatta Man." COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - This year, Salt-N-Pepa will headline the Famously Hot New Year celebration in downtown Columbia. The legendary Grammy-award winning group is known for their Billboard chart-topping singles "Shoop" and "Whatta Man." They were instrumental in paving the way for female artists in hip-hop. RELATED | Famously Hot NYE in Columbia implements clear bag policy Gates open at 6:30 p.m. and three groups will perform before Salt-N-Pepa takes the stage at 10:30 p.m. The celebration, now in its ninth year, will also feature The High Divers and Columbia's own Cottontown Soul Society. Cottontown Soul Society drops by WIS 🎷 SNEAK PEEK: Today live in studio — check out Cottontown Soul Society, Columbia's own that will be opening for Salt N Pepa on NYE at Famously Hot New Year! Do

DC Universe Online: Are You Metal Part II

Since the last DC Universe Online (DCUO) column was posted, Daybreak has given us an early Christmas present. The development team dropped Episode 36: Metal Part II (EP36) just a few weeks ago. Metal Part II is the last half of the DCUO content inspired by the Dark Nights: Metal storyline that ran through the DC Comic books in the last half of 2017. We had a chance to fly into the new content on the Switch platform. If you played the prior update, Update 97 which was the Metal Part I content, you'll find there's not too many surprises. Welcome to our newest episode about all things DC Universe Online! EP36 story begins from the point where Earth is sinking into the Dark Multiverse. Two of the three heroes that make up the DC "Trinity", Batman and Superman, are missing. Meanwhile Hawkman and Hawkgirl's home planet of Thanagar have a world-destroying gun aimed at Earth believing this is the best course of action. EP36 contains much of the same format, following t

‘Power Rangers’ Movie Reboot in Development at Paramount From Jonathan Entwistle

Another feature film reboot of the campy '90s kids show "Power Rangers" is in the works, moving over to Paramount and Hasbro from Lionsgate, an individual with knowledge of the project told TheWrap. Jonathan Entwistle, the creator of the series "The End of the F***ing World," is in early negotiations to direct the film. Patrick Burleigh, who wrote "Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway," will write the script. The new film will involve a time travel element in which modern day kids are sent back to the 1990s and are forced to find their way home. The '90s TV show, originally called "The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers," was inspired by a Japanese children's show and was the story of five children who don colorful suits and helmets and would fight supervillains and giant, robot monsters by morphing into their own mech fighters. Also Read: Robert Axelrod, Actor Who Voiced Lord Zedd in 'Mighty Morphin Power Rangers,' Dies at 70 The serie

Buddy Won't Tell Drops "But God I Love The Game" EP

Buddy Won't Tell Drops "But God I Love The Game" EP Just when you were getting tired of looking for a breath of fresh air in indie  pop music, enters Buddy Won't Tell. The ever evolving world of indie pop isn't easy to follow at times. There are lots of options and new artists out there on Spotify on a weekly basis. Buddy Won't Tell comes in at the top of the pop game by way of his EP "But God I Love The Game". Why is that you ask? The answer is simple. The record is experimental, from the heart, and driven by life passion. Of the songs on the EP we have beautiful acoustic song, a ballad that shows a budding maturity in songwriting, and a pop song that creates the idea that pop songs can be produced from a blank canvas without boundaries. Even evidence of a radio rock sound pushes through. Dive into this one when you can. artist/26YuF9wttdd5BAtkCVCSgz channel/UCbCYWj- R0VUTAsCAxm8VC

Settlement in Documentary of Michael Jackson #Breakingnews

 Timothy A. CLARY Michael Jackson is estimated to have sold 350 million records, including "Thriller", the best-selling album of all time Disney and Michael Jackson's estate have resolved a copyright dispute over a documentary about the late King of Pop that saw the Hollywood studio accused of breathtaking hypocrisy and aggressive tactics. "The Last Days of Michael Jackson", a two-hour program that aired on Disney-owned ABC in 2018, was accused of using the pop star's songs, music videos, concert footage and clips of his memorial service without permission. On Thursday, Jackson lawyer Howard Weitzman said in a statement to AFP: "The matter has been amicably resolved." No details of the settlement were provided. The Jackson estate's lawyers alleged in a complaint filed last year that Disney had ignored copyright law while zealously prosecuting anyone who infringed on its own intellectual property. "Unable to make a compellin

Colbert Cold Open Turns Rudy Giuliani Into Worst Batman Ever (Video)

"The Late Show With Stephen Colbert" used its Tuesday cold open to turn President Trump ally Rudy Giuliani into the absolute worst Batman of all time. Yes, it was a particularly cold cold open. Brr. This all happened because Trump called his pal Giuliani "probably the greatest crime fighter over the last 50 years." To the Bat Cave! Also Read: Stephen Colbert Can't Listen to Trump Brag About His Election Win Anymore (Video) Cartoon graphics resembling the old "Batman" TV show's opening credits accompanied its iconic theme song. Adjectives — real or made up — like "Winey," (we think they meant "Whiney"?) "Drinky" and "Teethy" flashed onto the screen. Those replaced the "Sock!" and "Pow!" moments from Adam West's days as the Caped Crusader. Don't forget "Zok!" Whatever that is. Some of these villains should look familiar as well. Parody laws can be a great thing — jus

DOOMSDAY CLOCK #12 Changes The DC Universe, Teases A Marvel Crossover, And Drops A Shocking Ending

Believe it or not, it was over two years ago that Doomsday Clock #1 went on sale, and the final issue of Geoff Johns and Gary Frank's long-delayed series finally arrived online and in stores today. It certainly delivers a satisfying conclusion to the DC Universe/Watchmen crossover and while it arguably isn't quite up there with HBO's Watchmen, it certainly wasn't a bad sequel to the original tale. However, the highlight was without a doubt all the major reveals this issue treated us to. From the promise of a Marvel crossover to a brand new era for the DC Universe and shocking returns and revelations about what comes next, Doomsday Clock #12 delivers plenty of surprises. So, to check out this recap of the issue, all you need to do is hit the "View List" button! As Superman is attacked by the world's international heroes, Dr. Manhattan watches on and counts down the minutes until eit her he comes to an end or he ends everything. However, that fateful

Disney Dazzles Wall Street, but What Will 2020 Hold for the Media Sector?

© Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP/Shutterstock Looking back at the past decade, there's no legacy Hollywood player that has been able to cause quite as big of a stir on Wall Street as Disney. The company and its media sector peers spiraled into a tailspin in the mid-2010s after Disney chief Bob Iger uttered but a few mild words about cable subscriber losses; flash forward to Disney Plus' big unveiling in April, which sent the stock up nearly 12% in just one trading session. CONSTELLATION BRANDS, INC. As if through a Jedi mind trick, Disney has essentially shifted investors' focus off the industry's present (pay-TV declines) and onto its future (the potential for streaming services): These are not the metrics you are looking for, it is saying. Now, the company is strutting through the finance district with renewed swagger going into 2020 as the analyst community looks largely favorably on the House of Mouse. Jessica Reif Ehrlich of Bank of America Merrill Lynch is among

‘Frozen 2’ Songwriters Kristen Anderson-Lopez & Robert Lopez Mature Disney Characters With Seven New Original Songs

With Frozen 2, the long-anticipated sequel to a 2013 smash from Walt Disney Animation Studios, songwriters Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez knew they had a lot to live up to, recognizing at the same time that they couldn't rest on their laurels. Winning their first Oscars for Frozen, the songwriting duo have come upon the same question, time and time again, while on the press circuit for Frozen 2. "Every single human being keeps asking us, 'How did you deal with the pressure of doing this, and following up 'Let It Go?'" Anderson-Lopez says, with reference to an instant classic written for the first film, which also earned the pair an Annie Award and two Grammys. "And the truth is, the directors we were working with and for immediately said, 'Don't do 'Let It Go.' We're going to do a new story, and build it the same way we did the first time, by talking about character very deeply, and getting inspired by our lives now.'&quo

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Season 2 News

Power Rangers Beast Morphers will return! While the first season just wrapped up there's still more story to tell! The 27th season of Power Rangers will be the second season Power Rangers Beast Morphers and it's airing on Nickelodeon in 2020! Beast Morphers will continue to adapt footage from the Japanese Super Sentai series Go-Busters.  Power Rangers Beast Morphers Return Date Power Rangers Beast Morphers' currently doesn't have an official return date but Power Rangers has usually debuted their new seasons in February or March. We'll let you know when we find out more! Power Rangers Beast Morphers Cast Huge news out of SDCC 2019 was that Austin St. John, the original Red Ranger (Jason Lee Scott), is set to appear in Power Rangers Beast Morphers season two! Scroll down to check out a teaser featuring the legend. Rorrie Travis stars as the Red Ranger (Devon), Jasmeet Baduwalia as the Blue Ranger (Ravi), and Jackie Scislowski as the Yellow Ranger (

Justice League Animated Figures Are No Longer DC Universe Exclusives

When DC Comics launched their streaming service, DC Universe, one of the initial lures was exclusive toys. DC Collectibles had a hit on its hands with 6-inch scaled figures from Batman: The Animated Series, so why not Justice League next? As an added bonus, Justice League features DC's most recognizable superheroes. So even casual subscribers who don't care about the cartoon might still find an exclusive Superman or Wonder Woman appealing. The Justice League action figures could only be ordered through the app, and they got a staggered release, in order to hook initial subscribers for at least three months. While not cheap, at $28 with no accessories, the figures are nonetheless top quality. With flesh-toned plastic rather than paint, and different reflectiveness levels for skin and clothing, they did their namesakes…justice. But with DC Universe floundering as a streaming service ever since Warner Bros. announced their own that will share its content, DC clearly wanted

Deja Who Releases "This Far Along" Single

Deja Who Releases "This Far Along" Single The new single "This Far Along" has been released from Deja Who and it breathes life into alternative rock on many levels. The song brings together influences of late 90's and  2000's alt bands and a twist of a newer emo rock sound. The song is something you find yourself wanting to play again and again as its not only musically strapping but also vocally enticing. Just when you get pulled into its siren song like melodies and smooth clean feel, it bursts into a sonic wave of rock. Before you knew what hit you, the want for more is there already. "This Far Along" is laid out to be some sort of prequel to an LP said to be released sometime soon. This is something we look forward to. artist/6Gss4QlgGhu1eIi6yE4ImI 38149462 dejawhoband/ 38149462