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We had a chance to catch up with MC Rewolf!  Read the exclusive interview below! MC Redwolf, how was your experience in Concord, California as a kid? Okay.  So to be honest, I had a pretty rough childhood.  Even though at that time  I lived in a middle-classed, suburban  neighborhood,  my life wasn't the kind of middle-classed life that's so commonly glamorized in T.V shows and housing brochures.   Anyways, here I was, this intelligent, fascinating kid who had endless potential.  And yet still, just like anyone else, I got bullied and harassed for basically no reason.  On top of that  my parents had a rough marriage that put a lot of stress and pain  on me growing up.  I will say I tried making the best out of it.   I definitely made  some good friends and did some cool stuff.  Cause after all, I believe you have to make the best you can out of what you have.   What inspired you to speak on mental health issues in your lyrics? So coping with them have played a big part in my li


J-Props, how long have you been working on music? I started making beats in 2009, which I don’t do anymore,  and I started rapping in 2011, in which I did not get serious about until this year.       What was it like coming up as a kid in Pittsburgh? Nothing out of the ordinary. I spent most of my days riding a bicycle, playing video games and engaging in sports at the playground. However, childhood was very tough since I was picked on to extreme levels as a kid.       I understand you were good at sports, would you say that the music industry is like a verbal version of sports?   No. Sports is all about competition. Many artists are not what I would say competing, but trying to get their message out to the world as they hope for success of other artists, along with their own success.     Have you ever wished to collaborate with any major stars?  Who is your current favorite artist?   Yes. Actually, I have a song featuring Killah Priest, on a beat I produced, and a song featuring Rick

EXCLUSIVE Interview With The Finite Beings

  Interview Questions Flyah Magazine With the group name like “The Finite Beings; you seem original and interesting. Can you tell us what's the meaning of the name and what you guys stand for? Mike: The Finite Beings was a term that Donny and I often heard in a theology study we both attended. It was run by a good friend and pastor that truly played a pivotal role in shaping our view of the world and our human condition as we live out our lives. When it came to deciding on a band name, Donny’s then girlfriend and now wife, mentioned the term “finite.” We loved it because it described who we are as we walk and grow through this life. We are finite beings with a limited view and perspective of something so much bigger than us. I find it to be a very humble name to represent such a big sound with substance. We want to take people on a spiritual journey with our music as we evolve and grow as people and artists. We want the listener to wonder and stir up emotion in them as they take th

Terrell Moore - The Young Musical Entrepreneur (Exclusive Interview)

CHECK OUT THE EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW FROM PHILADELPHIA’S HIP HOP ARTIST TERRELL MOORE! How long have you been doing music and where did you first get inspiration for such a craft? I’ve being doing music since 10 years old but professionally doing music for 5 years now, my inspiration has come from R. Kelly, Trey Songz, Chris Brown, Tory Lanz, The baby, Lil baby, Roddy rich, Ti, Young Jeezy, and many more. Where your from and what’s it like at home?   I’m from PHILADELPHIA and basically it’s a very though place to live, so if you can make it in Philadelphia then you can make it anywhere! Beyond music, do you have any other talents or   hobbies that you're great at?   Besides music I love sports and working with my hands . If you had to describe your music and style, what would be the sum of it all?   My music style is very versatile. I use my R&B vocals to help me with my rapping ability they both work hand and hand. Where do you see yourself in your career in the next 5 years?   I

CURTIS MOSLEY - "Music and Much More" Exclusive Article!

  CURTIS MOSLEY - "Music and Much More" Exclusive Article!   When they say that every artist is different, people often refer to singers and musicians' styles, genres, and sounds. Sometimes, though, we are lucky enough to encounter those artists that break the limits of a single genre, exploring, evolving, and embracing sonorities that belong to different styles, creating songs for every occasion. Among those, it is rare to find artists who are good at this "excursionary" songwriting, like Curtis Mosley, who has the natural ability to create real masterpieces regardless of the music genres. It takes incredible musical knowledge, excellent songwriting skills, and artistic awareness to be proficient in all styles, and Curtis Mosley stands out of the crowd thanks to his talent! Today we have the great pleasure of diving into the world of this incredible artist, discovering and sharing with you some of his compositions, so sit back and enjoy the journey!   Curtis Mo

A Talk With VINNE Vidal!

  WE HAD A CHANCE TO TALK TO VINNE VIDAL READ THE EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW BELOW How long have you been doing music and where did you first get inspiration for such a craft? I started exploring music when I was 8 yrs old and my momma bought me a little keyboard. I remember shutting myself in my room to try to play songs by ear. I really connected with the idea of being able to replicate a tune, to change it up and add my own twist! What was it like directing a church choir? Directing a church choir was an amazing experience because I had the control of the end product. I was able to direct the choir in the melody that I created so it was a dope extension of the compositions I came up with. Beyond music, do you have any other talents or hobbies that you're great at? Other than being a musician, I have been an award winning stylist for many years! I love to play billiards and I play premier soccer. If you had to describe your music and style, what would be the sum of it all? I would say m

ILL Delivery releases “Dad”

DAD is a Deep track about the relationships we have with our fathers. Sometimes we look at our Dad’s as if they are super hero’s. The truth is no one is beyond the laws we abide by and we are all subject to flaws!   NOW AVAILABLE ON ALL STREAMING APPS AND FOR FREE DOWNLOAD HERE   list of active promo codes including 20% off working from home Powered by Embed YouTube Video

Albero della Vita is A Big Moment in Music History

Shivan Luca has graced the Flyah Flock with a stupendous album of oneness!  Here what our new creative writer had to say below!   This is a great album for the rain/snowy winter season. The songs will keep you warm and cozy as you curl up under a blanket or sit dressed head to toe in a sweat suit and fuzzy socks.   The album moves through different feelings with ease as it reminds us to take risks, love like no one’s watching and keep in touch with those we love. The indie/folk element uses a simple melody to portray varied experiences; from reflection to falling in love, even giving us a song that is reminiscent of one of a past teen romance. It’s sentimental in places and fantastical in others. We are taken on a journey during this album that feels, in parts personal and universal.  Two songs that stood out were ‘Give Me a Little Time’ and ‘Don’t Go’. The first gave off the sense of a cute falling in love song, while other is a confession to a lover that, honestly has a bit of a jig