We had a chance to catch up with MC Rewolf!  Read the exclusive interview below!

MC Redwolf, how was your experience in Concord, California as a kid?

Okay.  So to be honest, I had a pretty rough childhood.  Even though at that time  I lived in a middle-classed, suburban  neighborhood,  my life wasn't the kind of middle-classed life that's so commonly glamorized in T.V shows and housing brochures.   Anyways, here I was, this intelligent, fascinating kid who had endless potential.  And yet still, just like anyone else, I got bullied and harassed for basically no reason.  On top of that  my parents had a rough marriage that put a lot of stress and pain  on me growing up.  I will say I tried making the best out of it.   I definitely made  some good friends and did some cool stuff.  Cause after all, I believe you have to make the best you can out of what you have.  

What inspired you to speak on mental health issues in your lyrics?

So coping with them have played a big part in my life.   I mean, most people don't like to even talk about  that topic; let alone put it in their lyrics.  Though personally,  I feel like because it's kind of a taboo, it's been my duty to innovate by elevating it front and center so that other artists who struggle with issues like that be inclined to speak more about it. 

Would you say that west coast hip hop deserves more attention? What are some of the changes you would make as a influencer?

A few years ago , we had YG, SOB x RBE, Mozzy, and  Nipsey Hussle (rest in peace) doing the left coast justice.  Since then, though, Nipsey's passed away, SOB and RBE plus Shoreline Mafia disbanded , Mozzy had too many beefs and YG's relevancy has declined.   So right now I definitely think west coast hip hop is starting to decline.  Now, in terms of mainstream attention I definitely think this new generation, my generation of west coast artists deserve more exposure for sure.  As a west-coast artist my main purpose is to shake up the rap scene around here.  Gangster rap has been a big part of our local scene for a long time.  Although I even enjoy and bump gangsta rap, I  feel like there needs to be more variety in our lyrics and more opportunities for artists like me who don't live that fast life.  

What is reaction of the fans when you blend a sing songey style with a west coast beat?

I feel like most of my fans enjoy my style because it's so unique.  Most artist now either rap traditionally like in the older days of hip-hop,  they just plain out  sing their lyrics.  On a side-note there's still mumble rap but that's its own genre I personally believe.  Anyways,  I feel like people enjoy how I bridge the gap between old and new styles of rapping.   And I think  it just fits the funky, up-tempo beats I normally use nicely.  That's not to say I haven't experimented with other styles of beats; I've rapped on trap and boombap beats before too.  On my  recent song Blow A Lil Harder I even used a Texas-style beat.  

Who are some of the notable influences that inspired your music today?

When it comes to influences, 2pac's lyrical versatility and charisma still influences my music to this day.  I also can thank a lot of underground SF Bay area rappers like Woodie, Mac Dre and  Coughnut for inspiring my DIY techniques and philosophy.   Like a lot of other west coast artists I also look up to a lot of funk artists like Roger Troutman and George Clinton.  Lastly,  I guess you could say listening to old blues records inspired me to rap about subjects that many artists wouldn't rap about.  

So explain your creative process when you sit down and make a record?

So, I start the process by listening to the beat I'm using.  I then try to  figure out the mood of the instrumental? is it sad? Happy? Angry? Uplifting? Then based off that I then try to figure out what I want to rap about.  Once I've decided the topic I write my verses.  Most of my songs have 2 or 3 verses with a hook and maybe an intro or bridge.  Sometimes I like to DM other artists to see if they'll feature.  Then, I make a demo, find an audio  engineer, and publish it once the final product is mixed and mastered.  

How has coronavirus affected your music career lately?

Yes, but in a positive way. Since this pandemic started I've had more free time to focus a lot more on my career.  On top of that, the quality of my tracks has improved greatly.  

any last remarks?

I have a couple people to thank for frequently collaborating and helping my career.  Shoutout to my girl and significant other , S-Ram for always being down to sing those choruses on my tracks. Not only have we had a great , wonderful relationship but we've also helped our careers grow together.  Another shoutout to my partner Hex. Not only have you been a great friend.  You've also added flavor with your short appearances.



J-Props, how long have you been working on music?

I started making beats in 2009, which I don’t do anymore,  and I started rapping in 2011, in which I did not get serious about until this year.




What was it like coming up as a kid in Pittsburgh?

Nothing out of the ordinary. I spent most of my days riding a bicycle, playing video games and engaging in sports at the playground. However, childhood was very tough since I was picked on to extreme levels as a kid.



I understand you were good at sports, would you say that the music industry is like a verbal version of sports?


No. Sports is all about competition. Many artists are not what I would say competing, but trying to get their message out to the world as they hope for success of other artists, along with their own success.



Have you ever wished to collaborate with any major stars?  Who is your current favorite artist?


Yes. Actually, I have a song featuring Killah Priest, on a beat I produced, and a song featuring Rick Ross & Gucci Mane, which on that one, the beat was produced by Maybach Music. Both artist featured tracks were made possible by Anno Domini.

My current favorite artist is Tech N9ne.


What was your influence to become a Hip Hop artist?

Writing poetry definitely pushed me to develop my art of music. Combining unique rhyme schemes with the use of poetry and discussion of real life experiences, this is my story.



So tell us about your music, what projects are you currently working on?

There is never just one set project I am working on at any given time. Creating music is a constant work in progress for me, but I am currently aiming at building a bigger audience.



What school did you go to for business? 

Bradford Business School.

It was a great experience meeting people with many different backgrounds. I began the development of my marketing skills, enhanced my communication skills to a great degree, and got the chance to create electronic & physical graphic design portfolios.



Is there any other genre of music you're interested in besides Hip Hop?

Although I am considered a hip hop artist, my music also crosses a variety of other genres in forms of the lyrics I write, in addition to the music itself. My songs touch many forms of Rock, some parts of Alternative, R&B, Soundtrack, even some metal here and there.



So tell us about your song "Love N Fame", what was the direction and concept for your current project?

I wanted to point out the general aspects of daily life all the way down to the ins and outs of falling in love, and combining that with some discussion of the development of a music career.



Are there any last remarks?

For any artists out there, go live your dream and never let anyone tell you that it is not possible.

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EXCLUSIVE Interview With The Finite Beings


Interview Questions Flyah Magazine

With the group name like “The Finite Beings; you seem original and interesting. Can you tell us what's the meaning of the name and what you guys stand for?

Mike: The Finite Beings was a term that Donny and I often heard in a theology study we both attended. It was run by a good friend and pastor that truly played a pivotal role in shaping our view of the world and our human condition as we live out our lives. When it came to deciding on a band name, Donny’s then girlfriend and now wife, mentioned the term “finite.” We loved it because it described who we are as we walk and grow through this life. We are finite beings with a limited view and perspective of something so much bigger than us. I find it to be a very humble name to represent such a big sound with substance. We want to take people on a spiritual journey with our music as we evolve and grow as people and artists. We want the listener to wonder and stir up emotion in them as they take the journey with us; all while pushing the boundaries of thought and musicianship. 

How long have you guys been working on music together?  How did concept come about?

Mike: As mentioned, Donny and I met at a theology study in 2010. So we have been writing music together for about a decade. Our concept came about by wanting to take our classic rock influences and blending them with a fresh contemporary rock sound. All while using a writing style that provokes emotion, thought, imagery, and substance. The addition of Hunter this past year has been a huge blessing and key ingredient in taking our sound to another level. He serves as producer as well as multi instrumentalist. I’m happy to call him our third member.

We always hear issues about bands staying together; what keep you guys on the same page creatively and socially?

Donny: I think It’s important to have a clear vision. Also you need someone to be the leader. Mike and I used to clash more in the beginning before we figured out our roles. Mike is definitely the leader of the Finite Beings, which makes things easier. He drives the vision and purpose of the band. When we write a song, it’s usually Mike’s song. Hunter or I may write chords or a riff to start, but Mike shapes and molds the song in a way that works best with The Finite Beings. I feel I have more freedom and creative input now more than before when Mike wasn’t the official leader. Mike is great at getting us together and pushing us to make the best song we can. I’m very proud of the way we work together now, and glad Hunter has joined us. 

So tell us about your latest album "A Life to Come Renewed"?

Mike: The album was originally written and released in 2014 with the title, A Life to Come. In 2019, we decided to rerelease it with 2 additional tracks that were written after the original release. We felt it really filled out the album and now I can’t imagine those 2 tracks not being there. 

Donny: We felt these songs were of the same essence of the album and fit in perfectly where they were placed. More people have listened to the Renewed version, so I’m glad we made this decision. The album is less of a concept album compared to our first album, but had similar subject matter. It’s all about the human condition.

What's it like in your hometown of New Jersey?How has it influenced your music career?

Mike: That sounds like one of those questions they used to ask the bands from Seattle during the 90s grunge era lol. We all grew up in NJ and love it here. Unfortunately, the rock scene isn’t what it used to be. Now with the pandemic, all shows have really ceased. We are hoping to connect with some local bands and play some shows when things settle. 

Being you have a song called "The Virus", explain the impact of the pandemic on you guys career?

Mike: So when it comes to our new song, The Virus, I had a lot of time to reflect in quarantine. In these very trying times, I felt it on my heart to share my thoughts and emotions in a song. I wanted to be genuine and honest with my fear and doubt, while also expressing my confidence in brighter days to come. This is what ended up coming out. A song that confronts the harsh reality that we are in, but also walking and growing through it with hope. 

If you could create any other genre of music, what would it be? 

Donny: The Finite Beings have a variety of genre influences in our music. I think it would be interesting to hear a country/southern rock centered song/album. Specifically classic country/southern rock. More folk inspired like Neil Young, Jim Croce or John Denver.

Mike: I like Donny’s answer and could def see something cool coming from that. Especially something with a Neil Young vibe! For me, I think it would be cool to experiment with an electronic/industrial sound like a NIN or Depeche Mode. 

Are there any other passions and challenges that help shape your music career?

Mike: A serious challenge that did shape my writing and music, was being diagnosed schizophrenic in my early 20s. Thankfully, I have fully recovered. My journey to recovery and my fascination with the mind are two things I often write about. I like to be imaginative and paint a picture for the listener through my lyrics. All while surrounding it with the intricate atmosphere of our music. I think this combination is what gives us our own unique sound. 

Name some of the Alternative Rock hero’s and people you would like to work with? and Why?

Donny: Alternative Rock is a really interesting genre, kind of all over the place. I’m more influenced by older music and classic rock. However some of my heroes of Alt rock are Elliott Smith, Wilco, Richard Swift, Metric, and Christian Lee Hutson. I’d love to work with Emily Haines from Metric, I think she’s the best songwriter of the last 20 years. Her blend of genres and ability to constantly change every album is way underrated. I think The Finite Beings could make a cool song/album with Emily Haines.

Mike: When it comes to lyrical writing, I have a high regard for Roger Waters of Pink Floyd. The way he imagined and created the album, The Wall, blew me away. It had so much imagery and symbolism; a true work of art. Some bands that influenced and shaped me were: Sound Garden, STP, Deftones, Metallica, Alice in Chains, Pantera, Pink Floyd, Tool, System of a Down, just to name a few. If I had my choice though, I would sit down and write a song with Roger Waters.

What could the fans expect next for the dynamic trio?

Donny: We are working hard on another album. Creativity, we could finish this album by the end of 2020. We have a lot of fresh ideas coming. The material is so different and interesting. I think It’s some of the best work we’ve done. Part of that definitely has to do with Hunter joining the band. He adds another level to our sound.

Mike: I’m very excited to release this new material. I think it holds true to our unique sound, but shows a level of maturity and growth. I also feel that our chemistry between the three of us continues to evolve with every song. I would like to make some music videos for these tracks and one day hopefully perform them live. 

Are there any last remarks?

Mike: Thank you for interviewing us! Look for our new material to be out next year! In the meantime, go to our website for information and updates. Also, check out our brand new single, The Virus, which is available on all major sites. 

Terrell Moore - The Young Musical Entrepreneur (Exclusive Interview)


How long have you been doing music and where did you first get inspiration for such a craft?

I’ve being doing music since 10 years old but professionally doing music for 5 years now, my inspiration has come from R. Kelly, Trey Songz, Chris Brown, Tory Lanz, The baby, Lil baby, Roddy rich, Ti, Young Jeezy, and many more.

Where your from and what’s it like at home?

 I’m from PHILADELPHIA and basically it’s a very though place to live, so if you can make it in Philadelphia then you can make it anywhere!

Beyond music, do you have any other talents or hobbies that you're great at?

 Besides music I love sports and working with my hands .

If you had to describe your music and style, what would be the sum of it all?


My music style is very versatile. I use my R&B vocals to help me with my rapping ability they both work hand and hand.

Where do you see yourself in your career in the next 5 years?

 I see myself being a platinum artist and traveling the world. 

How has the new digital music scene affected your music career currently?

 It actually by the grace of god has been well .

So tell us about the Freshmen album!  How was the recording process?

 The process was very smooth and great I actually knock the album out in 1 day .

As a musical artist and producers, what are some of the challenges and goals you're out to reach?

 Well one hard thing is building your fan base and plus doing the promotion on your own , and making the music on your own as well it hard when you don’t have support.

If you could do any other style of music, what would it be?

 Pop or gospel, plus jazz and country.

Any last remarks?

 Shout all to my Philadelphia family shout out to jersey, Delaware, New York , Washington much love and respect.


CURTIS MOSLEY - "Music and Much More" Exclusive Article!


CURTIS MOSLEY - "Music and Much More" Exclusive Article!


When they say that every artist is different, people often refer to singers and musicians' styles, genres, and sounds. Sometimes, though, we are lucky enough to encounter those artists that break the limits of a single genre, exploring, evolving, and embracing sonorities that belong to different styles, creating songs for every occasion. Among those, it is rare to find artists who are good at this "excursionary" songwriting, like Curtis Mosley, who has the natural ability to create real masterpieces regardless of the music genres. It takes incredible musical knowledge, excellent songwriting skills, and artistic awareness to be proficient in all styles, and Curtis Mosley stands out of the crowd thanks to his talent! Today we have the great pleasure of diving into the world of this incredible artist, discovering and sharing with you some of his compositions, so sit back and enjoy the journey!


Curtis Mosley is a talented artist from Texas. Composer, arranger, songwriter, and much more, Mosley is gifted with vibrant and versatile composition skills that make him confident and incredibly useful in numerous genres such as Country Music, Folk, Christian, Americana, Blues, Pop, R&B, and Gospel, to name a few. His catalog is truly impressive. His discography is a constellation of tracks for every occasion, authentic soundtracks for every moment of our life!


Among his latest releases, we can appreciate the exciting "The Original Thanksgiving Song" the exciting rockabilly of the first part of the song and its contagious energy and positive vibes, leave space for the emotional and intense ending of the song, a perfect closure for the track that gives a real celebrative feeling to the whole track. Balanced and modern, the arrangement makes the music flow smoothly from start to finish, a real soundtrack for everyone's holiday time!


Spot on the intense Country tracks "The Best Things In Life Aren't Things," "Sunday," and the emotional "I Wish You Could Have Kept Your Blue Eyes on Me." If you are a Blues lover, you will enjoy the inspirational vibes of "Remember Every Bad Day" and the energy of "Let's Just Ride"! Curtis Mosley is a real talent whose explosive creativity will leave a sign in the contemporary music scene thanks to his incredible compositions and genuine and honest style!


Check the links below, discover more about Curtis Mosley and his music, and don't forget to add his tracks to your favorite playlists!

A Talk With VINNE Vidal!



How long have you been doing music and where did you first get inspiration for such a craft?

I started exploring music when I was 8 yrs old and my momma bought me a little keyboard. I remember shutting myself in my room to try to play songs by ear. I really connected with the idea of being able to replicate a tune, to change it up and add my own twist!

What was it like directing a church choir?

Directing a church choir was an amazing experience because I had the control of the end product. I was able to direct the choir in the melody that I created so it was a dope extension of the compositions I came up with.

Beyond music, do you have any other talents or hobbies that you're great at?

Other than being a musician, I have been an award winning stylist for many years! I love to play billiards and I play premier soccer.

If you had to describe your music and style, what would be the sum of it all?

I would say my music style is classical trap. It's a mix between classical music and trap hip hop.

Where do you see yourself in your career in the next 5 years?

In 5 years I will be producing amazing music with talented artists through my label, Royal Play Records.

How has Covid-19 affected your music career currently?

Covid-19 was a blessing for my music because I was able to zone in without a lot of the daily distractions and I’ve had a lot of studio time.

What was it like moving from Baghdad to Canada?

I was born in Baghdad but moved to Turkey first, living there for 3 years before my family moved to Canada. It’s definitely two different worlds. Things are much easier in Canada and thre is a lot more opportunities.


 As a musical artist and producer, what are some of the challenges and goals you're out to reach?

As a musical artist the hardest thing is understanding the music you love to create might not get the best numbers, largest audience and traction while sometimes it’s the least favorite songs that you’ve created that will explode. It’s really about knowing your audience and balancing your creativity and voice with what they love to hear.

If you could do any other style of music, what would it be? Why?

As a pianist, I would love to do classical music as a side genre - dope symphony music!

Any last remarks?

While I have been creating custom beats since I founded Royal Play Records when I was 15, I just this year started releasing my own singles. DIsorder, being released November 8th, is my 19th single. Being an independent artist, CEO of a company and an entrepreneur I am very goal-oriented and focused. I find in this industry and on social media you need to ignore a lot of the noise of others and just remain on your path. Several of my singles talk about this, “Tunnel Vision” and “Hustle Hard” are all about success and the journey to achieve it. I always remember to “watch out for people that are always bragging about who they are, a lion will never have to tell me it’s a lion”.


ILL Delivery releases “Dad”

DAD is a Deep track about the relationships we have with our fathers. Sometimes we look at our Dad’s as if they are super hero’s. The truth is no one is beyond the laws we abide by and we are all subject to flaws!  



Albero della Vita is A Big Moment in Music History

Shivan Luca has graced the Flyah Flock with a stupendous album of oneness!  Here what our new creative writer had to say below!

 This is a great album for the rain/snowy winter season. The songs will keep you warm and cozy as you curl up under a blanket or sit dressed head to toe in a sweat suit and fuzzy socks. 

The album moves through different feelings with ease as it reminds us to take risks, love like no one’s watching and keep in touch with those we love. The indie/folk element uses a simple melody to portray varied experiences; from reflection to falling in love, even giving us a song that is reminiscent of one of a past teen romance. It’s sentimental in places and fantastical in others. We are taken on a journey during this album that feels, in parts personal and universal. 

Two songs that stood out were ‘Give Me a Little Time’ and ‘Don’t Go’. The first gave off the sense of a cute falling in love song, while other is a confession to a lover that, honestly has a bit of a jig to it.

There is one song with a video, ‘Too Late’. The song is one that reminds us to take risks and the video manages to capture a world where risks are taken; even small ones. The link to check it out is here:

Shivan Bonanno, known by his artist name, Shivan Luca is a singer/songwriter, producer, performer and molecular neurologist. His debut album, Albero della Vita was released on September 1, 2020 and can be found on several streaming services: Once you’re finished with the ‘Too Late’ music video, you can check out the other wonderful songs on his YouTube channel or check him out, every Wednesday, at 5 pm PST on Instagram Live. If you’re loving his work so far, don’t worry, his second album, The Mad Hat will be coming in December 2020.